Favorite Blogs 2012 Edition: From Our Friends Up North

There are some pretty cool Canadian blogs and media forums that you may be missing out on. One of the best things and possibly the only thing worthwhile about growing up along a border state was the proximity to Canada. Canada arguably has the best positioning for viewing […]

My Favorite Blog of 2011 #3: What Women Never Hear

So will this be 0 for 3? Apparently some find Everett Bogue  a bit too pretentious for their tastes. I agree that he’s in his own world where being a white male 20-something from a 2-parent home and middle class living may be blasé. If we are the sum of our experiences I’d also […]

My Favorite New Blog For 2011 #2 Tennessee Guerilla Women

Thanks to a link from the BlogHer network I found Tennessee Guerilla Women and what a breath of fresh air.

Yes, there are lots of political blogs and women-centered ones at that, but they’re cool.

I can tell they’re young, innovative and hungry to extol a perspective. One that is […]

Everett Bogue’s “Far Beyond The Stars” Blog Is My 1st Pick for 2011

Today’s thanks goes to FAXBoy my new writing comrade-in-arms and 2011 success cheerleader, who has written a hilarious and insightful send-up of the precariously employed titled Employment Of The Month. Think of it as a real-life Up In The Air meets Reality Bites.

I suggest everyone identify one key person who […]