Inspirational Quotes: Joni Mitchell

Did you know there’s an alternate version of “All I Want”? I found it on YouTube of course! I was editing drafts of future posts and began humming, ‘I am on a lonely road and I am traveling’... I wasn’t sure if it meant I wanted to publish a travel piece, something about relationships or music.

Blue is one of my top five recordings and part of the all-hallowed canon of musical expression from the female perspective. In case you’re wondering Tapestry, Little Earthquakes and anything by Nina Simone round that out.

Haven’t we all felt mixed emotions for certain people? It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship either. Some people inspire, others bring out the worst. At the end of the day it’s a reflection of our innermost selves being mirrored back. Perhaps we can be more conscious of expectations and  what we’re projecting to align with our authentic selves.

Jennifer Hudson Where Is Your Moment In Time Song?

This is an open letter to Jennifer Hudson’s management, record label, press and a plea to the singer herself.

It is time for you to have a massive commercial hit!

Jennifer Hudson has been flying below the radar, above the radar and beside the radar for a few years now. I’ve watched her career and growth as a person with increasing interest. I also think JHud – as she’s affectionately known — has led a Job-like life full of career highs [Oscar] and personal lows [the murder of her family]. We all know she can sing rings around practically anyone and have been rooting for her like the ‘underdog’ she is.

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A Music Rant: Why Is Hip-Hop Being Remodeled As Euro-Trance Circa 1995?

I suppose this is more of an observation, than rant. It still signifies how far the music industry has fallen. Why does everything all of a sudden sound like Fragma Toca’s Miracle (which was a remix/mashup-combo of two songs in and of itself) and Faithless Insomnia (or We Come One) circa late 1990’s early 2000.

Toca’s Miracle


This song was copied so many times stylistically, the original almost got lost in the onslaught of copycats.

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#4 Favorite Blogs for 2011 – Music Corner

Hey all,

I’m trying to mix up posts so that everything isn’t a sledgehammer to the head (hehehe) when you come for a visit. To that end, I’m going to share some music blogs I enjoy[ed] (some of which are archives but the content is still good so go backwards and work your way to the last posts). I don’t need to list a disclaimer that I obviously don’t care for every artist featured do I?  My hope is that you will enjoy the blogs and find some new artists.

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Is Norway The Way To Go? Some of the things I LOVE about Norway:

Last week I participated in an interview with a Norwegian newspaper related to interracial dating and breaking down barriers. I’ll let you know when it’s published. If you as an individual want a change in your outlook (and life), then you must make an effort at dismantling the old models. You cannot embrace a new way of thinking until you’ve cleared out the junk and brought in the new goods!

I have quite a few readers from Scandinavian & Nordic countries (Hej, Hei, Hallo, Dag). There’s a few things some of the readers in the US may not be aware of. For example, Mari Kiviniemi and Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir  currently serve as the Prime Ministers of Finland and Iceland respectively but Norway has a Crown Princess as well as a PM. While these countries are very family-oriented and traditional in many aspects, they are socially progressive pro-woman societies with a very high standard of living.

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Battle of the Angels

I was going to do a post on ‘real’ singers versus the pop fluffers out there trying to pass themselves off , but I can do that anytime. I am using one of the artists and songs I intended to feature, but thought a little contrast/contest would be more fun. So here it is:
Chaka Khan (she can still hit that high G)
Massive Attack ( I know following Chaka isn’t fair)

Robbie Williams (This is a fan favorite)

Sarah McLachlan (It’s a classic now)
Amanda Perez 
(I had to mix it up with an indie artist)
John Secada 
(Do you know how hard it is to write a song in two languages that works?)
Anita Baker (no official or good live video – yet)
Do you have a favorite Angel?  Leave a response in the comments!

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