Revisiting The Music Series: Deploying A Little Negro Spirit

It’s always nice when people mention your online work fondly. I recently saw  a comment where someone mentioned my music criticism series from 2009, Deploying A Little Negro Spirit.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing the cultural assessment and contributions of  blacks in music. I’ve also pointed out how empowering the disco era […]

Jennifer Hudson Where Is Your Moment In Time Song?

This is an open letter to Jennifer Hudson’s management, record label, press and a plea to the singer herself. It is time for you to have a massive commercial hit! Jennifer Hudson has been flying below the radar, above the radar and beside the radar for a few years now. I’ve watched her career and […]

Deploying A Little Negro Spirit: When Black Female Artists of Substance Are Ignored

This is the fourth conversation in a series where I discuss race, culture, appropriation and the abdication of African-American touchstones due to devaluation of our unique perspective and shame.

Right now as I write this there’s a fight going on between the RIAA, radio broadcasters and the public. Only we don’t realize what’s at […]