Spreading A Little Love With Tortured Soul

One of my favorite groups, NYC-based house music band Tortured Soul is sooo good live. I’ve only been able to see them twice so far (once when I still lived in San Francisco and once in Miami during the Winter Music Conference). Surely, the stars will align for a third time soon! And yes, it still trips me out from time to time that they’re white. Soul brothas!! But I’ll always respond positively to a man with a beautiful voice who sings about love. My dream tour would pair them with Incognito and Jamiroquai. Real music. Ah…yes!!


Pure by Blue Six

This is one of my favorite songs on a music compilation I’ve had for years: Nude Dimensions Vol. 2, mixed by Mauricio Aviles. The Petalpusher remix of Pure used in this mix is from Miguel Migs. It encapsulated the San Francisco deep house sound that was well-supported by a few great record labels (OM, Naked, etc.) and world-class DJs and producers (Kaskade, Gabriel & Dresden, Hideo Kobayashi, David Harness). For me, it continued the evolution of what Chicago and New York began.

As with many things bubbling beneath the surface of consciousness, I had the urge to listen to this song, but had lost the CD. I don’t think I ever made a backup copy and had to do an internet search for the particular mix. Viola!

I had to remember some of the lyrics to find the correct song, which prompted me to look at them in their entirety. And I think many of you will relate. The emotional weight of the song definitely stems from vocalist Monique Bingham co-writing it. **Go check out her website and support the career of a beautiful soul with a purpose!

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Lighting Up The Darkness

Bob Marley had this idea. Kind of a virologist idea. He believed that you can cure racism and hate; literally cure it, by injecting music and love into people’s lives. When he was scheduled to perform at a peace rally, a gun man came to his house and shot him down. Two days later he walked on stage and sang. Somebody asked him, “Why?” He said, “The people who are trying to make the world worse are not taking a day off. How can I? Light up the darkness.”

What do you do to shine brightness onto the world? Or are you withholding your light?

Angels & Virgins

You might have looked at that title and asked, “WhAat….?”. CHILL folks. I’m revisiting two previous post where I featured a musical ‘battle’ of songs titled “Angel” and some of my favorite Holiday Music. I’m very fond of Ave Maria which are actually sung prayers and considering Schubert, Bach and Caccini wrote compositions I’d say it holds meaning.

Don’t miss the Denyce Graves performance. Ring in the New Year with joy, reverence and a little deference. In gratitude. We’ve got a few Higher Power assists looking out and rooting for us.

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