If Some Of Our Elders Wish To Speak Again We Are Ready To Listen

As a Black Women Empowerment (BWE) messenger who is uncompromising in the message I am very grateful for some of the historical contributions from those that came before us, who tried to warn us about the conditions and state of black womanhood.

We have paid it forward and thanks to prolific and profound writing and sharing our experiences via the internet some of the messaging has begun to make waves. While I’m not certain if it has permeated, there has been enough pushback and attempts at diluting the message, many have certainly taken notice.

Due largely to that bounced check of If you take care of me first I’ll have your back later between black men and women – where they’ve failed to protect and cherish black women and black children – we’re currently in a heap of mess right now. Since it is only going to get worse [maybe not for the Internet-reading audience but the masses] the time for reflection and deflection is done!

Other women can call themselves whatever they want and claim solidarity or try to shift the definition or distract from the seriousness of things but the bottom line remains the same. Some black women will always be more interested in holding on to a failed ideology and being mad at or threatened by those  other black women who set different parameters and want to follow new models and thought processing. Black women are sitting ducks for the DBRs and will be savaged in ways we attribute to 3rd world countries right here in the U.S. of A.


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Interceptions: The Real-Life Story Behind “The Game”

It’s not a pretty tale either. A few years ago I’d read about an author who had successfully sued  The CW, Warner Brothers and CBS for stealing her story idea. Staci Robinson had written a television script loosely based on her life about a UCLA student dating a young man who’d be drafted into the NFL and their subsequent break-up.

Robinson’s script was rejected but about a year or so later when the sitcom The Game premiered she saw all the key components of her submission being used and took them to court. for copyright infringement. The fact that she a) won her case b) didn’t have to sign a gag order c) went on to publish her book was nothing short of a miracle. It reminds me of Sophia Stewart’s unsuccessful attempt when suing Warner Brothers at not receiving credit and compensation for The Matrix/Terminator story. Stewart being discredited does not mean she did not in fact create it.

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