In Preparation For The Movie Adaptation Of "Twelve Years A Slave", Read The Autobiography of Solomon Northup”>Dido

I am recommending everyone go see the film Twelve Years A Slave, particularly those who so casually went to see a film released last year that used Ni**er 150 times for entertainment and turned the horrors of chattel slavery of Africans into a Looney Tunes-style caper. I am recommending everyone […]

What's Your Most Romantic Movie?

In celebration of Valentine’s Day I thought we’d compile a list of the most tear-jerkiest, sexy, gut-wrenching, star-crossed lost love, fight the power, romantic and obstacle overcoming protagonist films. If you do a quick search a lot of the older films are listed online where you can watch them in their entirety for […]

For Your Consideration: Beasts Of The Southern Wild

Beasts of the Southern Wild is a 2012 American fantasy drama film directed by Benh Zeitlin [who’s all of 19 by the way] and written by Zeitlin and Lucy Alibar from Alibar’s one-act play, Juicy and Delicious.


Here’s Why You Should Ignore The Critics And Give “Colombiana” A Chance

It takes a lot to convince me to pay money at a cinema for a film when I know the DVD will be released in a few months. Some movies must be seen on the large screen to get the maximum enjoyment. While I do highly regard classic cinema, foreign-language films and the […]