Your Goal For The Week, Month, Year & Life!

I’ll add this to specify how we want to be part of something meaningful, that adds value, fulfills our creativity, lifts our spirits,  brings inner peace, teaches us how to be our best, encourages authenticity and more…

Today's Empowerment Message Is Brought To You By The Letter 'S'

You learn something new every day if you’re open. I’ve been re-evaluating my own happiness quotient which I’ve shared a little bit here. I was also doing some reading on confidence, which can mean something as simple as expecting a positive outcome. Which can be difficult when we’re not sure of anything. Here’s […]

What Is That Law About Equal And Opposite Reaction?

When I received the latest email list entry from Danielle LaPorte on embracing sadness, I smiled. You see, I recently wrote a blog post about taking a happiness shot. Like I said then, I don’t believe we can be “happy” 24/7. Sad or happy, they’re flip sides of the same coin. I wouldn’t […]

Did You Take Your Happiness Shot Today?

I’m Beta Testing the new site, “Happify” which offers scientific research and behavioral adjustments to diminish stress and hopefully give us coping mechanisms and a different outlook to feel more balanced  and joyful overall. Well, that’s my take on it since I don’t believe in cure-alls (whether it be chemical additives, sex, religion, […]


Pure by Blue Six

This is one of my favorite songs on a music compilation I’ve had for years: Nude Dimensions Vol. 2, mixed by Mauricio Aviles. The Petalpusher remix of Pure used in this mix is from Miguel Migs. It encapsulated the San Francisco deep house sound […]

Physician Heal Thyself!

A little bit of preventative medicine in the form of healthier practices never hurts!

This Is What Freedom Feels Like

I love this photo so much. I had to share it. Via c0ntact.

Here's A Few Curated Tumblr Blogs Giving Kudos To Black Women

Tumblr users tend to use lots of gifs, animated media freeze-framed into clips. Someone will get a movie clip and write the dialogue or get a moveable screen-shot of a reaction and loop it. They’re using imagery, not just commentary to get the message across. It’s good to have both. I don’t recall […]

Use This As A Morning Meditation, Afternoon Affirmation Or Evening Centering

Ofra Haza with Nusrat Fati Ali Khan performing Psalm 23.

What's The Message?

My heart used to be bigger.