With So Many Things To Be Legitimately Upset About, Remembering GRATITUDE Is A Must!

We all know how easy it is to stay mired in the problems of life. Some of them are the result of our own choices, but many are through no error on our part. They can still hurt all the same, however. When our bodies are clouded with unwholesome (but often lower-priced) foods, health issues, financial shifts, relationship challenges and career and our stress levels bursting through the roof, people often look for release in ways that only offer a momentary distraction, not a true release (or solution). We need to find ways to be able to move through the storms of life while staying as grounded as possible.

Do you believe that “life” is your friend or enemy?

Sometimes, we may just make it through by the skin of our teeth, but we have to remember that we made it! Having a ritual or spiritual guidance to carry us through these times may be the difference between making it to the other side or perishing. “Success” and “Failure” are not guaranteed either way.

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How To Better Analyze The Times You Should Really Be Afraid Of Something

From A Course In Miracles:

T-11.VIII.13. Children perceive frightening ghosts and monsters and dragons, and they are terrified. 2 Yet if they ask someone they trust for the meaning of what they perceive, and are willing to let their own interpretations go in favor of reality, their fear goes with them. 3 When a child is helped to translate his “ghost” into a curtain, his “monster” into a shadow, and his “dragon” into a dream he is no longer afraid, and laughs happily at his own fear.

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The Process Of Building Faith, Hope, Love & Trust

Thank you to the awesome women who’ve connected via social media. So many reached out to offer kind words, encouragement and practical solutions when I wrote about an issue I’m trying to resolve.

On a separate (but cohesive) note, I’ve been exploring the connection between Mind/Body/Spirit  but haven’t quite  come to terms with what being “positive” really means (as opposed to magical thinking and shirking responsibility), how to create an effective and  satisfactory spiritual practice and what I’ll call “Life Accessibility” to achieve a measurable happiness threshold.

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Spreading A Little Love With Tortured Soul

One of my favorite groups, NYC-based house music band Tortured Soul is sooo good live. I’ve only been able to see them twice so far (once when I still lived in San Francisco and once in Miami during the Winter Music Conference). Surely, the stars will align for a third time soon! And yes, it still trips me out from time to time that they’re white. Soul brothas!! But I’ll always respond positively to a man with a beautiful voice who sings about love. My dream tour would pair them with Incognito and Jamiroquai. Real music. Ah…yes!!