Lessons In Synchronicity & Love: Kevin Costner On Whitney Houston

We Were All Rooting For Her Triumphant Return Having just watched this very moving funeral service, I want us to remember some of the highlights of the life and career of Whitney Houston. I just reworked this post as I was saving to publish until March, but hearing Kevin Costner speak today reiterated […]

Who’s Getting It Right #3 Paula Patton: Ethnic Pride, Marrying Well & Finding Love At A Young Age

We spend so much time at this forum discussing strategies for self-improvement, the damage to the collective and identifying the Flat Earth Theorists and other enemies I wanted to make sure we also look at key real-life examples of black women who are living ahead of the curve and their choices that lead […]

Further Conversation For Those Women Seeking Marriage Who Put Race Above Common Sense

One of the more interesting aspects of being a prolific writer is in saving drafts of future blog posts for later use. Timing is everything. We must revisit breaking down certain thought patterns and mentalities because they are so prevalent in the minds of a large number of African-American women. Truth be told […]