Lessons In Synchronicity & Love: Kevin Costner On Whitney Houston

We Were All Rooting For Her Triumphant Return
Having just watched this very moving funeral service, I want us to remember some of the highlights of the life and career of Whitney Houston. I just reworked this post as I was saving to publish until March, but hearing Kevin Costner speak today reiterated some of the basic messaging we cover in this forum.

Costner offered such insight into Houston and many learned how much he went to bat for her to be cast opposite him in The Bodyguard. The movie had been considered for Ryan O’Neal and Diana Ross as leads way back in the late 70’s. Costner discussed some of the background of how the film got made in the following interview. He selected Whitney Houston. Costner was the hottest male A-List actor at the time and had his pick of any actress to work with. What most didn’t know was he waited one year for Houston to be available to film it. It was HIS project and Houston was untested in the film industry at that time. The “other” singer not mentioned by name that the studio wanted was Madonna.

Of course they were concerned about finding the right female lead. Of course some executives initially put up a fight about casting a black woman, but Costner was far too open-minded to not notice her beauty and talent. If you recall in the concert film, Truth or Dare Madonna made fun of Costner on camera. That may have eliminated her despite the fact she later apologized while lobbying for the role. Regardless, Costner had already made his choice of leading lady and eventually the studio relented. He pursued, Houston accepted and the rest is history.

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Who’s Getting It Right #3 Paula Patton: Ethnic Pride, Marrying Well & Finding Love At A Young Age

We spend so much time at this forum discussing strategies for self-improvement, the damage to the collective and identifying the Flat Earth Theorists and other enemies I wanted to make sure we also look at key real-life examples of black women who are living ahead of the curve and their choices that lead them there.

Marrying at a more mature age has advantages as well, but the ability for a black women to work through indoctrination, procrastination and confusion as quickly as possible will vastly improve her life, especially when there are children involved.

Paula Patton is an actress married to singer Robin Thicke. They have one child together so far. We’ll let the role in that dreck Precious go because she’s going to be starring opposite Tom Cruise in the next Mission Impossible film.

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Further Conversation For Those Black Women Who Put Race Above Common Sense

One of the more interesting aspects of being a prolific writer is in saving drafts of future blog posts for later use. Timing is everything. We must revisit breaking down certain thought patterns and mentalities because they are so prevalent in the minds of a large number of African-American women. Truth be told this isn’t strictly about race but about male worship. They have twisted themselves to adapt the warped thinking of Damaged Beyond Repair black males.

The first indication of the warped thinking is to presume discussing inappropriate behavior equals bashing someone. If we were to discuss what white people have done to harm blacks most would see the distinction that we’re talking about.

Black women  continue to be emotionally tethered to these males as a group, not selecting specific individuals for the value they bring bring. By choice. They talk about what any random black male in the public eye is doing. They support their projects. They may lament the most heinous examples of foul behavior exhibited towards black women – but dismiss it as something that happens to other women. They are certain they’d be the exception of course.

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