Gosh – this song still rocks! David Bowie’s Modern Love.

This 80’s classic is a song about being confident about love. Yes, despite the protagonist’s declaration of not “believing” in it, he still yields to Modern Love. I wonder if it’s biographical because that song was released before David Bowie met and married Iman.

So even the most cynical of us, who may allow fear to taint our perspective when presented with a choice will take a chance at fulfilling their heart’s desires.

Our desires are just as much a part of us as our skin tone or eye color. The ones that are attuned to our spirit are meant to be fulfilled. Otherwise we wouldn’t be innately drawn to them. We can block our own blessings by ignoring the path laid out before us in exploring what those desires are and how to achieve them.

That’s why the conversations centered at this forum are about maximizing the quality of your life in all areas. It’s a 360 degree LIFE(SYTLE)/DESIGN.

If you’re hiding out in “chuuch” not getting your “Love Boat” in order, YOU are causing those desires to remain unfulfilled. Your indecision is the block getting in the way of living with vitality. If you think you can behave indiscreetly or indiscriminately and not pay a price for it, you’re not being realistic.

We have to measure the pros and cons of everything we do.

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Why I Think This Is One Of The Most Definitive Essays On Public Education

** I reserve the right to change my mind later as always.

Of course this thoughtful post has been written by a “lay” person who is not an education administrator. Dave Troy is a WHY guy who resides in Baltimore, MD. I have been perusing his archives for several weeks trying  to catch up because I really enjoy the way this man thinks (though I’m not a supporter of the Waiting For Superman/Michelle Rhee ilk). See my post AA Women Teachers Being Scapegoated. ** There was another link I put on Twitter as well that I need to include.

His blog post titled, How We Get Schools Wrong should be a template for those critical thinkers, innovators and concerned citizens (whether they have children or not) adopt a more proactive stance of overhauling this broken system. If that’s even possible.

We know how poorly US students fare against those from numerous foreign countries that are at an economic disadvantage but obviously put more care into learning. We know how many teachers – and I’m going to focus on black women because that’s my forum – are being scapegoated for the poor performance of students. We know there is a huge politicalization and power struggles between parents, administrators, the teacher’s union and other interested and/or disruptive parties sullying the waters. We also know because funding is so precarious right now many will continue to fall through the cracks.

What about the children?

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Surrounding Yourself With Light & Beauty

I wanted to share some things that make me smile 🙂 🙂 🙂 . There’s no particular order and this is a mix of photos and commentary. I want you all to get in the habit of imagining/conjuring/thinking about nice things so you begin to expect them as par for the course and not something you have to “strive” for. We have to ignite our flights of fancy and embrace the impractical at times.  It’s your inherent and inherited right to by joyful!


Cocoa has many beneficial properties that are good for us! It’s no wonder we are drawn to it. My life would be over if I had to give up chocolate.  One of my faves is the Vosges gourmet chocolate Barcelona bar. It’s about $8 and worth every penny. They even give you instructions in how to eat the bar properly so you get the most sensory and satisfactory experience. When you place a piece on your tongue, let it melt against the roof of your mouth and get hit by the first wave of sea salt — whew Choco-gasm!

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Channeling Success One New Habit At A Time

Lately, I’ve been spending more time in serious focus on what I’m allowing to filter into my brain and what I export. To say I’m determined to “think more positively” doesn’t begin to explain it. I want a complete lifestyle change – or I should say a warp speed upgrade. Since I know this will not be handed to me, I must make every effort at being smarter not working aimlessly to achieve my goals.

African-Americans who are still clinging to the old models are going to be left in a massive free fall the likes many have not seen nor are prepared for. It upsets me how little the black intelligentsia, technologists and elite have done to help. I wasn’t expecting anything from the do-nothing Civil Rights organizations. So many are busy congratulating themselves on being “innovative” or secretly struggling while pretending to “have it all” or working their fingers to the bone or being lackadiasical.   

Lucky for me (ha) I had a major career upheaval in 2006 and saw that a permanent change was necessary by 2008. I’ve been searching for a niche while finding and executing my voice. I will be a fully integrated business owner with a passive income stream by the end of the year. More black women need to join the ranks of the self-employed before the un thinkable happens. The bottom hasn’t yet fallen out nor do I wish it to, but being ready to roll with the punches won’t make the crash so traumatic for those likely to be “caught” out there.

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How Minimalism and A Return To Simplicity May Help You Focus On What Really Matters

There’s no coincidence that out of all the cities I’ve lived in that San Francisco was the longest. Yes, the city can get chilly but with an average year round temperature of 65 degrees it’s very manageable. Yes, the hills can be so steep (go stand on Broadway and Fillmore near the house where Mrs. Doubtfire was filmed) and you will experience something akin to vertigo.

Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge only takes an hour or so. Northern California is breathtakingly beautiful with a mix of topography that will take you to the warm beaches off Tiburon to the chilly climes of Lake Tahoe. From the famous redwoods to wine country every possible combination of nature and sensory indulgence can be explored. Plus, the food is sublime with the mix of Latino and Asian influences present.

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