Gosh – this song still rocks! David Bowie’s Modern Love.

This 80’s classic is a song about being confident about love. Yes, despite the protagonist’s declaration of not “believing” in it, he still yields to Modern Love. I wonder if it’s biographical because that song was released before […]

Why I Think This Is One Of The Most Definitive Essays On Public Education

** I reserve the right to change my mind later as always.

Of course this thoughtful post has been written by a “lay” person who is not an education administrator. Dave Troy is a WHY guy who resides in Baltimore, MD. I have been perusing his archives for several weeks trying  to catch […]

Surrounding Yourself With Light & Beauty

I wanted to share some things that make me smile . There’s no particular order and this is a mix of photos and commentary. I want you all to get in the habit of imagining/conjuring/thinking about nice things so you begin to expect them as par for the course and not something you […]

Channeling Success One New Habit At A Time

Lately, I’ve been spending more time in serious focus on what I’m allowing to filter into my brain and what I export. To say I’m determined to “think more positively” doesn’t begin to explain it. I want a complete lifestyle change – or I should say a warp speed upgrade. Since I know […]

How Minimalism and A Return To Simplicity May Help You Focus On What Really Matters

There’s no coincidence that out of all the cities I’ve lived in that San Francisco was the longest. Yes, the city can get chilly but with an average year round temperature of 65 degrees it’s very manageable. Yes, the hills can be so steep (go stand on Broadway and Fillmore near the house […]