Because Political Tunnelvision Won’t Benefit You

Well, myopia about any issue pertaining to other aspects our lives doesn’t work either. It seems as if the two areas that happen to be crucial, critical and extensive: politics and religion are often where people fail to use any common sense!

I found myself dealing with an irate reader whose shero-worship of a public figure was threatened by a critique I posted to the blog’s Facebook page. We’ve already asked black women voters in particular to carefully scrutinize their electoral options. I learned a long time ago after touching on 3rd rail topics (which could be just about anything) that most people want to be “right” no matter what. Or bury their heads.

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So Mitt Romney Decided To Attend The NAACP Convention But Obama Didn’t. Thoughts?

Here’s a few things to consider as we continue to move into a higher plane of consciousness, raising the bar for our expectations:

Is it conceivable during an election year, where a sitting President is running for a second term to ignore a gathering at the largest Civil Rights organization in the country? Was there some nuclear bomb crisis or death in the family we weren’t aware of?

Can you think of any other MAJOR ORGANIZATION, GATHERING or GROUP the President would have dismissed so easily? Especially one where his OPPONENT attended? I don’t care that Romney is being reported to have flailed. The NAACP invited him. He knew he’d be appearing before an unenthusiastic and skeptical crowd [if not outright hostile]. He went anyway.

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Before You Become A Bunny Boiler Like Alex From Fatal Attraction Stop & Think!

I re-watched the iconic film Fatal Attraction about two months ago on a Sunday afternoon. I’m assuming many of you reading this post have also seen it. You may wish to revisit this work, because it was brilliant yet very flawed. It would have never been made in today’s Hollywood. It is far too raw, edgy and out there. It would’ve been sanitized into oblivion.

This movie has always bothered me, but I don’t think I fully grasped why until now. Yes, it treated a serious issue (infidelity and betrayal) with a circus sideshow sensationalism that really glossed over a husband’s apathy towards his own family. I understand he took an opportunity for “easy” sex with another woman. It was his contempt for his wife (and by extension all women) that was never examined. The would-be home-wrecker had to display such a depraved level of psychosis in order to absolve the jerk in the eyes of the audience. This is why the original ending was reshot and the wife allowed to dispense “justice” so people wouldn’t have to think too critically or expect accountability. 

Alex appears to be sexy, confident and in control. 

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Have You Spent Your Nest Egg On Crap?!

Do you even have one?

OK, I’ll admit it’s a provocative way to ask, but seriously — have you even considered the possibility that the bottom could drop significantly for you — if not fall out completely? I’ve covered the reasons why a majority of African-American women specifically needed to prepare themselves [and other black women by proxy] due to several key issues within the community. Now the high unemployment rate exasperbates things further.

While the majority of women from other groups do tend to have had stronger community ties overall and a more robust infrastructure to fall back on in case of emergencies, for an increasing percentage that’s no longer the case.

Women have been abandoned, widowed, divorced or become ill without warning, having no back-up plan in place. Economic empowerment is imperative.

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Blogger Beware: David Merfield of Upload Robots Uses Twitter and Social Media To Exploit Workers

I engage a variety people across social media platforms. Twitter is one of them. They are without a doubt the most popular micro-blogging site that exists right now. And, if you’re a frequent user, you can gain a lot of insight into any number of industries based on those that participate and exchange information. I’ve had memorable interactions on Twitter.

From general conversations to just reading links as others share their time and expertise. One person I follow is Sarah Evans has emerged as an authority in social media (Update: that of course was later called into question). So, when she posted a message (referred to as a Tweet by regular users) about a job listing last month for Upload Robots, I immediately applied.