What's On Your Bookshelf?

Be it physical or digital does your book stack measure up against people who are innovators and career trailblazers? Not to compare taste, but in consideration of how those of us trying to push the envelope on our success can still learn and be influenced in ways that benefit us. I bookmarked the […]

Favorite Blogs #6: Couples Who...


“Don’t prioritize the mundane.” — Joe Konrath

Where has this plethora of  blogs hosted by married couples come from? They might be working, traveling or canoodling together but the key point is “they’re doing it together”. How cute! You can think of it as something to aspire to or insert a major eye […]

AA Legacy Series Spotlight: Betty Davis & Alice Coltrane


First of all these two ladies are far more than the wives of famous musicians. Betty Davis & Alice Coltrane were the equals of their counterparts in more ways than one. We are fortunate to still have one of these illustrious women amongst us and shouldn’t forget their contributions.

Thelma Golden TED Presentation

How did I miss this! Thelma Golden, the impressario curator of Studio Museum of Harlem led a presentation at TED on the Intersectionality of Race & Sexuality In Art. Brilliant!