Naturebox Wants You To Hack Your Fitness!

Have you noticed the explosion of monthly subscription services in a box, stocked with everything from beauty products to gourmet food?  I saw a discount coupon on Facebook from this company that sends nutritionist-approved snacks. My curiosity piqued, I took a quick look at their blog and found a cool way to log ways for us burn calories and be active. There was a discount code listed (snackhealthy) that made the price very attractive. $10 off the first delivery of their Designer Box makes it $10! Has anyone tried NatureBox yet? What do you think?

It’s a ginormous infographic, so view it beneath the fold!

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Here’s A Few Curated Tumblr Blogs Giving Kudos To Black Women

Tumblr users tend to use lots of gifs, animated media freeze-framed into clips. Someone will get a movie clip and write the dialogue or get a moveable screen-shot of a reaction and loop it. They’re using imagery, not just commentary to get the message across. It’s good to have both. I don’t recall these blogs in existence two years ago.

As further evidence of the lasting success of authentic empowerment, I’ve observed an explosion of sites dedicated to healthy representation of relationships, advocacy with the necessary internal transformative work being discussed, tributes to darker-complexioned black women, fun travel sites, health & fitness, beautiful photo sites, fashion and a peek into different cultures.

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Because I Know Some Of You Have To Feed Your SweetTooth

OK, I’m no better than you. I saw this recipe for CHOCOLATE over at Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple blog and did the keyboard finger snap happy dance. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s CHOCOLATE people (everyone sing) and nuts and salted. It hits all of my sensory nodes: sweet, savory, salty, crunchy. Plus it’s less expensive than my hallowed Vosges Barcelona Bar – which is unmatched in deliciousness.

Well, Green & Black’s Organic Almond Bar is a close second…but before I get carried away on a cocoa cloud I want to remind you to check out the recommendation. It looks delicious and it’s healthy – also some worthy comments of where to find quality gluten free chocolate. Not a carob chip in sight!

I’m off to make a pot of beans and greens to be prepared to counterbalance any indulgences. That’s life, right? Enjoying yourself, but being awake and mindful without requiring ‘perfection’.


If you missed the post earlier, here’s my death by chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

Recipe Apps For Your Smartphone

I was browsing through sessions held at Le Web tech conference in Paris last week and came across You can download an app that creates a personalized shopping list unique to your preferences that’s tied to your local grocer. It’s too bad the beta testing is only in the UK and Finland right now. Hopefully some company is already developing this Stateside (I’d love to assist in its roll-out).

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Faith’s Triple Blanco Bean Soup

It’s time for another recipe! I’m moving across the meal spectrum from desserts, to salads and now to soups/stews. Blame it on My Life In France. In case you didn’t know, Julia Child was pretty kewl.

Most people don’t eat white beans on a regular basis, so serving three varieties in one dish is a treat. This is one of my favorite recipes – which calls for Cannellini, Great Northern and Navy because it’s so versatile.

I recommend making a huge vat where you can eat some upfront and freeze the rest in portions. Of course you must have a full-bodied or extra-dry white wine to complete the meal.

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Savory & Sweet Summer Salad Ideas

Can you believe we’re heading into the 3rd week of July already? I don’t know about you, but if you’re in a warm climate all I can think about is staying cool and hydrated.

I don’t want to cook but I still want substantive, nutritious meals. I need watermelon, popsicles, sparkling water with lemon wedges, a crisp extra Brut white wine, some good cheese and ice-blended coffee-based drinks. Oh yeah, roasted red pepper hummus and veggie sticks make for great lower calorie snacks as well.

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