Further Thoughts On “The Poor Black Child” Forbes TomFoolery & The Lack Attitude Amongst Blacks

Part II.

We Don’t Lack Opportunity, We Lack Capacity

You may read Part I. of my rebuttal of the charge of racism against the Gene Marks article, “If I Were A Poor Black Kid” published by Forbes. As long as African-Americans look at external conditions as the root of their problems, they’ll never […]

The Key Missing Element For Black Achievement Is Getting Over Our Own Hatred For Each Other – Not What White People Think and Do

Part I.

A Counterbalance To The Assessment and Criticism From Forbes Article

I’m somewhat reluctantly going to respond to the Gene Marks’ diatribe, “If I Were A Poor Black Kid”, which has been lobbed back and forth on the Interwebs in a heavily contested debate about racism, paternalism and […]