Amidst The Irony Of The “War On Women”, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Asks Why We’re Not All Feminists?

It’s something worth examining. We’ve featured the renown novelist’s earlier TED-related presentation. While I call into question to use of and definition of “feminist” to make sure it’s use and execution benefits those women and girls who need it the most, I appreciate Ms. Adichie’s continued exploration and call to action.

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It’s Time For A Nuanced and Thorough Conversation About “Street Harassment”

I’ve been wanting to discuss the work of activists and organizations that are tackling street harassment. I won’t name any particular individuals, but have followed a few campaigns making inroads for a few years. While I admire the efforts at bringing awareness to such an important issue, it has always bothered me that the focus misses some key elements because those initiatives are based on the experiences of a small subset of women.

Obviously every woman has her own unique experiences, but as with the greater concerns about “feminism” as a whole ignoring class and race privilege the same case can be made in how even this attempt at addressing negative situations is automatically tailored to fit a more narrow definition of circumstances and appropriate responses. So I was pleased to see the article WHY JUST TELLING MEN “NO” DOESN’T NECESSARILY WORK FOR EVERYBODY — AND CAN EVEN BE DANGEROUS published at xoJane – even as I know this is a publication geared toward particular women in a particular space of the blogosphere.

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Why I’m Not A “Feminist”: An Economics Lesson

Happy Labor Day folks! In honor of this holiday, a Federal (meaning it’s observed by all 50 states and territories) holiday that was designated to honor the economic and social contributions of women workers, I want to extend a thank you.

Yes, I have moved the blog topics du jour to include more ‘mundane’ topics and seemingly innocuous interests, but I will always keep it real when it comes to addressing injustice, hypocrisy and apathy.

Our country is undergoing one of the worst periods of unemployment in three decades. Certain ethnic groups and classes have been hit the hardest. We cannot ignore this, particularly when certain politicos and elites are using this to exploit those very same people by making things worse. If people are desperate, they cannot function at their best. They are more easily manipulated.

So, while this may not be a fashion, travel or recipe post in order to get to those things some of us have to be able to live. And live well. Freedom is not to be taken lightly and economic freedom allows for fluid movement and the ability to make better decisions.

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“The Good Wife” Is Not Only Smart TV But Offers Women Many Valuable Lessons In Love & Life


In case you are otherwise occupied I highly recommend that you amend your schedule to include the CBS drama “The Good Wife”. If you can’t watch it during the scheduled broadcast time Tuesdays at 10pm it’s available at the network’s official site to view online (great use of your commuting time).

The Executive Producers of the show are husband and wife duo Michelle & Robert King who are also the Showrunners and it’s one of the few scripted television series left in the wake of “reality” tv – and it’s GOOD! I am pleasantly surprised when week to week the writers surprise the viewing audience as they progressively challenge us with their multi-layered scripts.

The show is built around the premise of the stand-by-her-man wife of  State’s Attorney General Peter Florrick (he was supposed to be modeled after Eliot Spitzer or really any male politician  [John Edwards, etc]) who got caught in a sex scandal and is sent to prison. He’s trying to clear his name from being charged with corruption as he contends he was only cheating on his wife not the State. His political rival who currently holds his former job is trying to keep him in prison while his wife Alicia is trying to hold the family together and get along with her mother-in-law. Oh and she also squares off against her husband’s rival a few times which makes for some interesting episodes. 

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5th Wave Feminism/Womanism That Works FOR Black Women

Whatever “version” of feminism is current it has always been apparent any model based on the needs of one particular group centered around one class tier would simply not work across the board for every woman. In addition the adjacent movement womanism that was to address those imbalances doesn’t necessarily remedy the current injustices faced by the modern black woman.

One of the main discrepancies is in identifying what our needs are to begin with and the underlying mentalities that influence us. While I write about and actively encourage women to dismantle ideologies that are not working for them and support empowerment I do not refer to myself as a feminist or womanist.

Some have claimed women who don’t acknowledge the trailblazers that came before them paving the way for the benefits they enjoy do a disservice to the movement. I can agree with that in theory but failure to recognize core differences in what groups of women need makes that impossible. Not to mention the fact that those trailblazers have been selectively chosen. If one set of women don’t respect the contributions and struggles of another then how is there real solidarity?

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