Film Short, ‘The Door’ By Ava DuVernay For Miu Miu

This is interesting. The House of Miu Miu released a fifth installment of its The Women’s Tales series — a project of commissioned works from top female directors around the world — which also highlights key pieces from the Italian brand’s Spring 2013 clothing collection. The short features Gabrielle Union, Adepero Oduye, Emayatzy Corinealdi, Goapele and Alfre Woodard. Sweet!

“In the film, characters arrive at the door of a friend in need, bringing something of themselves,” DuVernay explains. “Eventually, we witness our heroine ready to walk through the door on her own. The door in the film represents a pathway to who we are.”

If you’re getting over a break-up why not do it in style, with fabulous friends? See the film after the jump.

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Favorite Blogs #7: Black Women Using Their Style, Charm & Resources For A Fashionable Life

We’re coming off a holiday weekend so I thought I’d share a fun post today. ENJOY!


We’re going to put whatever previous, current or future nonsense that is sure to erupt across the Interwebs as those demonic idiots who try to malign, defame and belittle the intellect, dynamics, poise and oh yes – BEAUTY – of black women gets dismissed and defunded. If all of you CHOOSE to hold every aggressor equally responsible and enact standards any such attempts would cease to be considered. Please think about the $1.2 TRILLION that black women in the US control. Accountability as a surgical strike would be a thing of wonder!

I was planning on including a list of black women locally/globally who are utilizing their Charm Offensive. The time seems even more appropriate. The best “defense” for black women is our continued elevation across all social strata. LIVING WITH DIGNITY, THRIVING and THINKING INTERNATIONALLY is key. That includes getting ALL of our needs met: financially, romantically, family-oriented, friendships, career and self-care.  Onto the post after the jump!

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Kerry Washington Covers November ELLE So Why The Crickets?

Last month’s ELLE that split the cover with several white actresses and Gabourey Sidibe got a lot of attention. Some of it was positive as many claimed it was empowering for black women to see Gabby on the cover. Some…ahem begged to differ and stated emphatically that not only did the choice of actress but the layout was in fact insulting and damaging to the image of black women.

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