What Life Is Like On The Other Side Of The Wall

I’ve been spending a little less time on social networking sites and more scouring the internet. One was becoming too insular as I’ve noticed a cycle of repeated conversations and observations. I used to simply add to my network but the increase in volume didn’t necessarily produce the shift or quality I was looking for.

In our conversations at this and other BWE forums there’s an increased urgency. It’s not as if we discuss posts beforehand but I have been witnessing a synchronization of thoughts that are leading some of us to similar conclusions. We do not agree on every point but the totality that lends to wanting to impose a sense of urgency amongst certain black women (as it applies) to be prepared is present.

When we’ve discussed life outside the Matrix I am certain it is such a foreign concept for many they may not ever believe. I thought I’d try a different tactic and this also serves to be a bit of fun for others as well. Our thoughts guide our actions. Our actions tested and refined lead to change. Until then it’s all a theory I suppose, but real life with all its consequences still occurs.

Poor choices lead down the road to despair. Opportunities left are lost. Coming into our own as women of the world is not only possible, but happening right now for many black women.

It’s all about choice.

You can stay in your box, on your block, in your neighborhood and see the world through half-closed lids or you can go through life eyes wide open. I have readers from all corners of the globe and am very grateful we have found each other. Some of the locales that have popped up include Olofström, Blekinge Lan Jönköping, Jonkopings Lan,  Cracow, Malopolskie and Helsinki, Finland.

Many women have already integrated into the larger global village and haven’t looked back. They didn’t ask permission. They have the most mundane (read that as “boring”) lives. They have breakfast, they work, they drop their kids off at school, they have a serious other or husband, they go to the market and they complete many other tasks throughout the week.

If it’s so boring, why did I mention it?

These women (and one man) happen to be living abroad.

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