How To Get Fit & Meet More Posh People: Learn To Be A Coxswain!

That’s rowing jargon. Instead of using a simulated exercise gizmo, do the real thing. On the water. In a boat. Check out your local rowing club and join a class for beginner lessons.  Of course you might want to have some minimal swimming skills just in case. And you will socialize and mingle with the yacht crowd.  Sure, that’s a generalization, but it’s not too far off the mark.  And we’re all about keeping it really real here, you know……

Recipe Apps For Your Smartphone

I was browsing through sessions held at Le Web tech conference in Paris last week and came across You can download an app that creates a personalized shopping list unique to your preferences that’s tied to your local grocer. It’s too bad the beta testing is only in the UK and Finland right now. Hopefully some company is already developing this Stateside (I’d love to assist in its roll-out).

Or this is reason number 596 to move to a Scandinavian country! Continue reading “Recipe Apps For Your Smartphone”