How To Get Fit & Meet More Posh People: Learn To Be A Coxswain!

That’s rowing jargon. Instead of using a simulated exercise gizmo, do the real thing. On the water. In a boat. Check out your local rowing club and join a class for beginner lessons.  Of course you might want to have some minimal swimming skills just in case. And you will socialize and mingle with the yacht […]

Physician Heal Thyself!

A little bit of preventative medicine in the form of healthier practices never hurts!

Does Your City Bike-Share?

Musician David Byrne wrote an Op-Ed in the NY Times a few weeks ago about the joys of pedestrian bike riding. There’s tremendous value for cities that provide great public transit systems and other options. Not to mention it’s a great form of exercise and environmentally-friendly! Hundreds of cities around the world […]

Recipe Apps For Your Smartphone

I was browsing through sessions held at Le Web tech conference in Paris last week and came across You can download an app that creates a personalized shopping list unique to your preferences that’s tied to your local grocer. It’s too bad the beta testing is only in the UK and Finland […]