On Gag Reflexes And Swallowing Fear

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I was going to include this in my weekly breakdown post, but realized it was going to be longer than a few sentences. I’ve bumped it up to post level.

I tried to stifle a groan and move on, but there’s been a dozen articles in response to some idiot taking up space at WaPo with an OpEd column who claims to speak for the GOP:

People with conventional views must repress a gag reflex when considering the mayor-elect of New York — a white man married to a black woman and with two biracial children. (Should I mention that Bill de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, used to be a lesbian?) This family represents the cultural changes that have enveloped parts — but not all — of America. To cultural conservatives, this doesn’t look like their country at all.

I laughed, not because I think it’s funny, but because Richard Cohen is ridiculous and now because so many people have written responses to one little blurb, this guy is getting the most attention of his career. For the record, he has clarified he likes interracial couples and LGBT folks. White people with black friends can never be racist, afterall! And I’m sorry to add to it, but there’s a bigger point to be made. He speaks the truth according to how some people in this country think – whether they’re in the GOP or not. Whether they’re white or not. Whether they’re women or men. And they can all #haveaseat as the kids say.

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Satire Account “White Feminist” Is Meant To Expose Racism..But May Perpetuate It Instead

There’s a Twitter account named White Feminist that uses satire to expose racism according to the Editorial staff. I heard about it because Cosmopolitan magazine wrote a positive review about it (humph) and it showed up on the blog’s Twitter feed last week.

Here’s a gem of a sample of what awaits you:

Boycotting #FathersDay because it’s blatantly #racist. Many #SistersOfColour don’t know who their father is, so please #HaveSomeRespect

Hmm…where have we seen satire/parody unveiled with regards to racism that has successfully combated it?

I can’t think of one example. Can you?

You can’t because there isn’t one.


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The Cinderella Experience Is Yours

Be Like “Cindy”!!


Early readers of Acts of Faith In Love & Life will remember how well my post on re-examining the Cinderella mythos,  Cinderella: Guerilla Training Manual resonated with so many of you. I’ve debated how to expound on its theme of empowerment and due to the requirements of building this forum (not to mention my own growth and pursuit of key interests), I needed time to weigh my options.

If you go over that essay, you’ll notice how much the landscape has changed for the better since it was originally published. Which was the point!  The BWE social justice initiative was successfully integrated into the fabric of modern black society, whether it is accepted by the masses or not.  The result of which we see by the added knowledge base of individual black women choosing to expand their “realities” by increasing opportunities in higher-standard living. As well as by taking note of the infiltrators, traitors and opportunists who try to refute, misdirect or marginalize key messaging.

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What SOCIETY Do You Want To Be A Part Of?

Perhaps because I’m observing some rather dense interpretations amongst certain women who miss the forest from staring a tree leaves, it poses a question (legit or false) about our place in society and free agency. Does the legality of Marriage Equality granted to same gender-loving people negatively impact hetero couples? Does telling single black women to seek out viable partners regardless of race prevent two people from the same ethnic group from being together?

How does marriage between consenting adults open the possibility for legalized incest between an adult and a minor (or a father and adult son as actor Jeremy Irons recently asked)? Will an open marriage between a couple of different genders negate a monogamous one between others? There are inherent norms, assumed positions and things people do — but don’t talk about. Then there’s wholly dysfunctional, abnormal, exploitative, manipulative actions under the guise of “matter of fact”. Then there’s lying to yourself and others about less than stellar circumstances and acceptance of mediocrity.

Then there are things that fall under the realm of I don’t have to agree with it, but I don’t need to oppose it either.Juvenile antics are the anti-thesis of wise actions, yet without a learning curve we’d miss opportunities for growth. Some people love to blame, some want greed or messages controlled by a few to prevail. Where are your are allies, opportunities and obstacles? Continue reading “What SOCIETY Do You Want To Be A Part Of?”

Here’s A Few Curated Tumblr Blogs Giving Kudos To Black Women

Tumblr users tend to use lots of gifs, animated media freeze-framed into clips. Someone will get a movie clip and write the dialogue or get a moveable screen-shot of a reaction and loop it. They’re using imagery, not just commentary to get the message across. It’s good to have both. I don’t recall these blogs in existence two years ago.

As further evidence of the lasting success of authentic empowerment, I’ve observed an explosion of sites dedicated to healthy representation of relationships, advocacy with the necessary internal transformative work being discussed, tributes to darker-complexioned black women, fun travel sites, health & fitness, beautiful photo sites, fashion and a peek into different cultures.

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As The Talk Show Ends Its Run, Kudos To The Revolution For Helping Women Recognize Their Power

Some of my favorite examples of courage are of women adopting the affirmative for who they really are and acting on it. I was so glad to have watched the ABC talk show, The Revolution. While there was some controversy about the network replacing venerated soap operas with scripted tv shows, I liked the aspirational message encouraging women to realize their full potential. The Revolution is hosted by Tim Gunn, Ty Pennington, Harley Pasternak and MDs Tiffanie Davis and Jennifer Ashton. Due to ratings it will end its run in about two weeks, but it’s worth checking out.

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Why Not Ignore BS & Focus On Beauty Instead!

                                                        Yes, I heart bathtubs!

Hey all! I’m traveling and had no working internet to update posts. Every time I tried to upload to publish my connection would drop. I abhor being so tech-dependent – or deficient – depending on how you look at things. Everything works out in the end as more of you marinated on this week’s earlier post about creating your own LIFE & MARRIAGE Playbook that works as well as what Asian women have quietly and methodically implemented with such precision.

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Smart Black Women Will Craft Their Own Asian Woman Marriage Playbook

Girlfriend get your BA or JD, MD, PhD or MDiv AND your MRS!

Congrats to Priscilla Chan, aka Dr. Chan aka Mrs. Zuckerberg!

She’s every woman….meaning her potential is your potential however that manifests itself. This isn’t about chasing after a life partner but ATTRACTING those who will love and support you best! Sure, you can do it on your own…but why should you have to? Sometimes, it takes more STRENGTH to be vulnerable than live with false bravado.

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