Jalen Rose Is An Idiot: Two Parent Black Families Are Not “Uncle Toms”

I don’t know what kind of alternative universe Jalen Rose has been occupying but he’s one confused man. I could label him a racist and walk away, but there’s a bit more to it than that. He’s also classist, paternalistic and well….stupid. In my opinion. In case you’re thinking he’s a white male – he’s not! He’s black!

Two-parent African American families are in fact an endangered species.

“To hint that those who grew up in a household with a mother and father are somehow less black than those who did not is beyond ridiculous.”

That’s a quote from NBA Star Grant Hill in response to Jalen Rose’s nonsensical rantings that was published in this New York Time’s article. Perhaps Tim Wise can have a chat with him about the nuances of the mental acrobatics and soul sickness people like him have to endure to come up with such nonsense! He might listen to an explanation of his racist outlook better if it came from someone white.

Thanks to one of my readers for bringing this to my attention as I’ve now bumped my scheduled post to discuss this teachable moment. I don’t usually pay attention to what the boys who play with balls are up to because well….their antics usually raise my ire, but this is different.

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“Beat Her Down” Brown Part 2: Support Those That Support You Or Else!

Picking up from where we left off with Beat Her Down Brown Part One, Halima’s Whose Zooming Who post went through a rather extensive list of black males who were wholly self-serving in focusing on their interests. I’d like to add further dimensions to the conversation.

Unlike the talk a lot but do nothing scenarios played out by blacks, read what happened when the House of Dior decided to police the behavior of their key designer, John Galliano for stepping way out of line. Some people do not play! The key lesson to be learned is how there has been a historical pattern of behavior for hundreds of years now that have left self-sacrificing black women with the perpetual short end of the stick. It’s the gender needs set-aside vs. sacrifice for racial progress argument. In fact, I’d say it has further escalated (devalued) to there being no stick left at all for those that give and give without requiring an equal exchange for their support.

As I stated in BHDB Pt 1:

I just realized that Chris Brown has a point about it not being “fair” that he was held somewhat accountable and suffered (minimal) repercussions for his deviant behavior. There’s a plethora of black male entertainers who have engaged in the very same behavior but due to black male protectionism and racio-misogyny against black women they were never put under the same level of scrutiny all in the name of “advancing the race”.

Before Chris “The Whiner” there was James “I’m Black & Proud…er how soon until I can get a white woman?” Brown.


So around the time someone was black and proud another someone was black and blue!

TV One’s Unsung Series on Tammi Terrell that highlights her “volatile” relationship with Brown with eye witness testimony about him beating her in the head repeatedly.

Yes, the very same Brown that was credited for his Civil Rights work. I hate to burst your bubble, but if I’m going to be disappointed to find out what is so glaringly obvious once you realize we’ve been had — repeatedly — then so will you (villain cackle ensues).

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What Evaluating Men For Alliances & Marriage Actually Means – Part 1

This is going to be an extensive post so take notes. I was perusing the archives of What Women Never Hear and found Mr. Guy’s series on Alpha males! I agree with most of what was offered as good advice. DON’T GET IT TWISTED!

This is one man’s opinion (and my co-sign provided you correctly apply it), but he’s been in a happy marriage for nearly four decades so we can take away something from what he’s writing about. A lot of the women who were reading the series misunderstood the focus and he sought to clarify its purpose.

Those women following and hopefully applying the identification and elimination of DBRs and the Lesser-Thans will recognize MANY of the traits listed as unsuitable for them. Many of us still have questions about some of the most basic minimum standards: like men paying for dates, to more serious issues. This is a conversation starter that we will need to review, modify and continue as necessary.

Vetting is in its simplest form a template that we measure the viability of potential mates. Some women may need to start literally at zero in first recognizing that they can have (and should) have one to begin with (i.e no ex-cons, man-sharing and baby daddies). Others need to fine-tune their expectations and do some self-correction when it comes to making mistakes that eliminate themselves from quality men.

Take everything with a grain of salt as always and don’t get too hung up on the terminology (alpha, beta, etc). FOCUS on the PURPOSE which is to attract and maintain the best partner for yourself!

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How To Break-Free From the Indoctrination Mindset In 3 Easy Steps**

First of all realize that it’s not going to be easy**

As in anything worth having doesn’t fall from the sky and for those women that want to live their best lives when they were not handed tools of discernment and generational wealth or connections your efforts will need to be applied. In other words unless you’ve specifically taken the red pill and left the black indoctrination Matrix you are likely still there.


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Forget Kanye! How James Andrews (Key Influencer) & Ogilvy Made Me The Taylor Swift of SXSW Interactive

Think about how legislation like DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) has a title that can be misconstrued. Labels can attract powerful connections. When they are misused confusion can result. Such was the case with the event titled “Blacks In Tech” held the first evening of SXSW Interactive Conference.  It was not only all fluff and offered zero substance, but worse the response showed an utter lack of respect for individuals attending SXSW who would be dismissed as unimportant by the so-called Social Media VIPs. At a conference which is often chided for its lack of diversity, I was surprised to find myself under assault at an event that was hyped as a “safe space” for people like me.

People spend a lot of money and put resources to attend SXSW with limited time in attending events. While there is nothing wrong with a multi-cultural focus had the organizer been more forthcoming about the details of Blacks In Tech it was unlikely to have had a majority African-American female audience in attendance. I went with reservations but observed the event before rendering a final judgment. I waited patiently for nearly 15 minutes to speak during the Q&A session that followed. I addressed the moderator, Jeffrey L. Bowman, a Partner at Ogilvy & Mather’s Consulting Practice directly about my concerns. Specifically, I asked how such an event that had been billed as part of a Blacks In Tech initiative featured a panelist who consistently named-dropped specific male record executives as people to emulate when they had actively promoted music that denigrated black women – to an audience that was a majority of black women.

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John Mayer Is A Douche Bag But You Knew That Already

It must be a slow news month or some arrestedly-developed, marginally successful, cultural-appropriating, insecure serial dater is trying to drum up a little controversy to be relevant.

John Mayer gave an interview in the March 2010 Playboy where he discussed his career, interpersonal sexual politics and his 2010 goals: …to get more mentions in Us Weekly than ever. I got the sense that he may feel intensely for some but is still disconnected from women..and reality. The point of this post isn’t to analyze his psyche. Amongst the other gems he claimed his genitals only respond to women based on race. Yup, he threw most black women under the bus. Except for three. Oh yeah and in a case of “irony” he used the ‘N’ word to discuss his hood pass and why he he’s so revered by blacks. I think he’s adopted the anti-black woman attitudes and general misogyny of his rap “artist” friends. I found myself agreeing with his assessment that but not the way he deconstructed it. All black people don’t live in da hood.

He made an off-hand comment about David Duke as an afterthought. Duke is one of the most virulent terrorists allowed to operate in the United States who was a Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan and later parlayed that white supremacist support into political office. Think Hitler-lite.  Or Teabagger 2010. Duke is like may racists who also claim to hate blacks so much but always want to have sex with black women. They don’t protest a little too much. So Mayer’s example was a bit off in fact but clearly he’s not using his brain. He also publicly trashed some of the better known women he’s dated because you know…that fame monster is a BEAST!

I have two words for you: Justin Timbersnake er Timberfake er TIMBERLAKE.

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Society Does Not Actively Support Single Motherhood (But The Black “Community” Does)

This was cross-posted at What About Our Daughters as a companion to Gina’s post about the Raising Him Alone organization being a Trojan Horse for black women.

Before we continue this conversation can we get a social scientist to name a society that has promoted the widespread acceptance and normalcy of single/never-married women raising children alone?

A few people didn’t agree with my last post where I was critical of the “Raising Him Alone” organization. This is no dig at single mothers. I am all for providing training classes, parenting classes, financial classes, job skills, whatever the mother needs. Again, just as with my posts about DBR (damaged beyond repair)-ism last week I got a lot of heat from people who felt uncomfortable with the subject matter. I pose my blog posts as conversations. These are conversations we NEED to be having but so many would prefer to avoid them. If we NEVER discuss the challenging and yes, painful aspects of pathologies we are doomed to repeat them.  Continue reading “Society Does Not Actively Support Single Motherhood (But The Black “Community” Does)”

Weak-Willed Men & What the Death of Steve McNair Teaches Us

Athlete Steve McNair was found murdered this weekend with a young woman who was not his wife. Someone asked why it mattered that the woman who died with him was white. Of course it matters but not for the reason some of you may think. This isn’t going to be a bash-the-white-skinned-woman rant. Or chiding the black man for chasing the white flesh, lol! This is something that happens every day after all and has for hundreds of years since Frederick Douglass was a freed slave to now.  That is nothing new.
The fact is McNair was in some stage of an adulterous relationship with this woman when he was married. He hadn’t bothered to try to conceal it from his wife either. When it was publicized he had been murdered there was an immediate response where people talked about his career achievements and the celebrity worship of an athlete was in full effect. I didn’t see a lot of responses that addressed the blatant disrespect shown to the surviving spouse. Well he didn’t die in an accident, he died as a result of the choices he made about whom he associated with. I see this is a huge character – lack of – issue.
Sure there are two sides to every story, blah blah blah. He was cheating on his wife with a 20 y.o. waitress and by doing so had intentionally abandoned his family. So the sympathy should be reserved for Mechelle McNair and their four children who will certainly hear some horrible things in school and have to live with not only the loss of a husband and father but the public spectacle as more salacious details are revealed. This is also a lesson in how compromising standards in relationships won’t slow its demise.
So this is where (other) white people (and other groups as well) come in. Here you have a well-known black male athlete who’s running around town with a young woman and gets himself killed. We also have no idea that she actually murdered him. The truth of what really happened may never be made public – and perhaps that’s best. Sure you have your Sanfords, your Clintons and whoever else gets busted but whites (males) are still the majority population and dictating most of the terms under which we live in this society. Racists and regular people alike take notice the massive dysfunction going on in what’s left of the black community. That’s why it matters. It’s not about what they think, it’s about the dismissal of the offenses to the wife and children by other blacks.
Some black people seem to be missing the larger issues and are focusing on the wrong things. As someone mentioned in another forum, it’s a shame when so many black men can be described by a Britney Spears song: Toxic, Circus and Womanizer. Haven’t we seen enough of that on display this past week? The dysfunctional behavior is RARELY correctly addressed. It’s barely even acknowledged let alone being brought to the forefront to be resolved. It’s why so many were confused about whether the BET Awards were a sad display of depravity. Umm hello – yes!! It’s why those of us who should’ve known better (like me) should NEVER have watched it.
McNair nearly won a Super Bowl and had made a successful NFL career for himself. He had a family and presumably some money. Let’s just say it all went to his head a little. Somehow I think if you’re going to cheat at least find someone that has some stature or something equally important to lose so that it remains discreet. What does it say about his self-esteem and outlook that picking up a young woman with no significant career achievements was such a thrill for him? That it was her youth, naivete and/or white skin that was the draw? 

Where was that steely resolve he used to build his career and generate wealth when it came to fulfilling his role as the head of his family through his actions and honoring his commitments to them? This seems to be a key missing component with a lot of black men today and it needs to be addressed BY OTHER MEN, not women. You know, the “good men” and “community pillars”. You know who you are as I’ll get several messages from women claiming you. Your silence is deafening!

This is why black women really need to pay attention. You can love and devote your entire existence to a significant other, but find they never really valued you for who and what you are at your core. The main goal for a hetero woman who wishes to reproduce should be finding and keeping a man of substance so her life is less likely to be one of hardships – and scandals. The man must have more going for himself than “simply” being famous or achieving career success, money or accolades. It’s best to not be solely looking at the phenotype of a man or insisting he has to be a black and no one else will do. We do not belong to black men and we can’t “save” the black community. We do not belong to anyone but ourselves!!!
We all deserve to  be with someone who values us and our relationship. This isn’t to say that people don’t make mistakes, but you’d think after all McNair supposedly achieved in life this was who he was interested in, not another woman of equal stature or achievement. He was that weak and insecure. That woman may have ended up being the last woman he’d cheated with but she probably wasn’t the first. Now she’s lost her life as well – all for a fantasy.
I’m not here to pass judgment but to make an observation of the things that go on with regards to blacks. That means covering our sorrows as well as triumphs. That means speaking directly to the ones bearing the brunt of the grunt work with none of the glory: black women. Some asked if this would be an incentive for men to curtail their infidelity – of course not! Someone’s always thinking they’re the “exception”.
What was the last profile piece of achievement you’ve heard of:  Serena Williams winning Wimbledon. Again I submit not one personal scandal from either tennis champ, just a lot of jealousy and animosity from competitors to commentators. Black women had better take heed to the real deal: the black men and black community has (collectively) long been gone and trying to hold onto the concept is like grabbing onto sand. The harder you grab and try to hold on the faster it slips through your fingers. Stop wandering the desert and step onto fertile land. Let it go and live your best life possible. A life that is determined by you being fully functioning, independent and free.

Toure: Trying to Pull A Perez Hilton & Failing

May 2011 — Audience Note: When I first wrote this post and referenced Perez, it was a nod to his ability to draw attention, but coincidentally after he got into a fight with a black person and unleashed his latent racism, the comparison takes on a deeper but slightly different implication. Ah well…
I read the Black & White On Martha’s Vineyard article several days ago. It was the subject of a very lively discussion at a popular black political blog. I immediately thought if I’d had it in print form it would’ve immediately been relegated to the trash bin. Or used for doggie liner. At least it would’ve served some purpose. I also wondered why that particular writer had been hired. What – was Dream Hampton or Lawrence Otis Graham not available? Then it occurred to me. This wasn’t really about the tea and horsey set, it was a hit piece on Michelle Obama (and black women considered dark(er) skinned).
Say it ain’t so! I’d seen this type of bait and switch before. A white editor hires a black writer to do an attack piece thinking skin color and a few positive words would confuse enough people into missing it. Exhibit A: the Salon article by Erin Kaplan that I deconstructed back in November. Now how many black people are regular readers of New York Magazine or Salon? So these weren’t articles for us.

This is another case of a Pseudo-Intelligentsia Slave Catcher that I wrote about seven months ago. How can it be we’re still grappling with these issues of black hatred? Clarence Thomas is doing his best to send us back to enslavement. I’m not joking folks! Some people also seem to be confused and think these situations involve blacks who are self-hating. No, their egos are firmly intact. They just abhor other black people. In this case it may have been about envy of (the status of) a particular black woman, but what goes for one goes for all.

This is why David Letterman got smacked down publicly for targeting white women for denigration. This is why black women have not been protected as a collective and the writers of these hit pieces lie about their efforts at gaining the approval of racist whites, contributing to white supremacy and get away with it.

So let’s get to the article shall we? This was supposed to be a discussion of where the Obamas would stay when they come to the Vineyard and getting responses from the residents. My feedback is in bright blue.
The Only Ones deal with glass ceilings at work, unfortunate misunderstandings in their neighborhoods, condescension from blacks who think their education or class makes them inauthentic, and identity crises in their kids….And while the Only Ones embrace each other, they can be dismissive of other blacks.  [My responses are in blue]
If you refer to yourself as an “only one” don’t you think that you’ve set yourself apart from people in the first place and maybe you’re the problem? Class envy is real, but so is contempt.
“When you see a beautiful black family with their kids, it makes you feel really good about being black,” says Chrisette Hudlin, wife of Reggie and a lifelong Vineyarder who travels there every summer from L.A. “As a person who’s high-achieving and striving for the best for their family, you’re looking at these other black people who have the same goals, and it makes you feel good as a black person. You don’t feel out of place.”
If you have to see other black people, in a specific setting to feel good about yourself then again, that’s an internal character issue within you. Reginald Hudlin used to work for BET and green-lit such gems as “Read a God*amn Book” and “Hot Ghetto Mess”. His contempt is so well-known Aaron McGruder’s Boondocks “Hunger Strike” episode that skewered him was pulled.
Let’s go the tape [This video was pulled from Youtube — drats!]
Trey Ellis says, “The black part of the Vineyard is like, I would imagine, being gay and going to the Castro. It’s this mecca where you can be yourself and be with people who have so much in common with you. No one has to feign some street cred when they’re playing tennis.”
Well having lived in San Francisco I can tell you the Castro has a mix of LGBT & hetero with a lot of young kids thrown in the mix. Not to mention the fact that not all LGBTs have the same interests. The main thing that distinguishes the residents is income status as SF is grossly overpriced with 2/3s of its residents renting. Plenty of people from all social strata play tennis. You should have said yachting instead.
Obama is more a man of the people,” says a Vineyarder who’s part of black high society. “He doesn’t seem to identify with affluent black people. His wife definitely doesn’t; she is basically a ghetto girl. That’s what she says—I’m just being sociological. She grew up in the same place Jennifer Hudson did. She hasn’t reached out to the social community of Washington, and people are waiting to see what they’ll do about that.”
Ahem, when has Michelle Obama ever referred to herself as a ghetto girl? You know some of the real black elite and not these poseurs featured in this hit piece want to throttle these loose-lipped lucys right now.
This is the one particularly inflammatory piece that got everyone buzzing. It’s also the one quote attributed to an anonymous source. Given what I discussed above, this is why I took the writer to task on Twitter. I would have done the same to Erin Kaplan had I had means of directly contacting her. This isn’t personal. I could care less about Toure, but I do care about black women. An enemy is an enemy no matter what shade or gender they come in. He wanted to dismiss his detractors as not understanding the tenets of journalism and the use of anonymous sources. Then it was about our being emotional (Angry Black Woman alert). I think it’s a made up quote by the writer – who has publicly displayed his contempt for black women (which I’ll discuss below). At the very least if it is a Vineyard resident it’s someone who is jealous of Michelle Obama – and Jennifer Hudson! If you’re an Only One why do you care about these women? What editor worth their salt would’ve allowed a piece like this to get published as written? This isn’t investigative journalism or involving a government operative. It’s pure fluff – and vitriol. That’s why I know it’s a hit piece.
Toure is a wanna-be Perez. Perez is not a journalist either but he is a media star. Sometimes the allure of the camera, smell of cash and the pat on the head is just too much for some people. This is why you have so many lining up to participate in the Negro Superbowl aka State of the Black Union every year. Hat tip to Gina McCauley, blog host of What About Our Daughters for coming up with that one-liner. For those not caught up in the journalism swirl he is NOT respected. This article has been panned across the board but he’s going to try to milk the outrage for all he can to create more opportunities for himself.
That’s fine but I will not sit by idly while he does it at the expense of black women. Pick somebody else! You don’t get to throw rocks and run and hide. Be a man and stand up for yourself! That’s my conclusion after reading this article. Pure drivel. I know it’s hard out there for a journalist know-a-days but did you have to let yourself be used so thoroughly Toure? Ha- he volunteered for it!
Kaplan had the same excuses and mock outrage and free speech protestations. If you’re going to write something STAND BY IT don’t try to OBFUSCATE. If I’m called to “explain” myself with this post I am fully able to do so. I seek justice across the board. My motives are clear. We have to police the behavior of the would-be black assassins who are here to attack us from within. They’re so darn obvious and predictable that picking them off should be easy. The damage they do is as serious as a heart attack though. It’s a slow moving poison that spreads on contact tearing away at the esteem and fiber of many, but it’s especially damaging to black women.
This isn’t about a difference of opinion, the right to use anonymous sources or writing about a difficult subject. The Obamas didn’t need to be in the piece at all other than a mention in passing if that was the case. The pointed dig at Michelle was the intention behind the article. The unspoken subtext of how a brown-skinned woman from the South Side of Chicago not being “good” enough to be the First Lady is what’s at stake here. Only certain types of black women are good enough and it usually involves lighter skin, a different hair texture and other superficial traits. As someone mentioned in the comment section at NY Mag if Michelle Obama looked more like Michelle Fenty this wouldn’t even be an issue.
Exhibit B:http://www.topnews.in/people/michelle-obama
I realized what this person had made clear in their quote: it was the paper bag test all over again, but worse. The only thing Michelle Obama and Jennifer Hudson have in common is similarities in their height and city of birth. They are a generation apart, grew up in different neighborhoods and have nothing obviously in common to compare the two. Oh wait…they do have one thing in common. They have similar coloring – and they’d fail that test. These so-called elites (and now their wannabes) have been using advancement as cover for their assault on browner-skin black women for many years now.
So let’s get this out in the open once and for all and call it for what it is: skin shade racism. Blog host Evia at Black Female Interracial Marriage E-zine so aptly coined this term. We like to use flowery words, like colorstruck. As if it’s something that has taken over us that we have no control over. By “we” I’m talking about black men using it against black women – and other black women are taking their cues from them to bash each other. These men always like to discuss and defend their racism as a “preference” or in the case of this writer who asked on Twitter why he (and by proxy other black men) couldn’t talk about how much he liked light skin and found it to be beautiful when so many praise the beauty of darker skinned women. Which many black woman labeled darker skinned can attest to the fact that does NOT happen. He isn’t fooling anyone. Black men (and the foolish black women who agree with them) and their preferences have been killing the black collective since post-slavery. There’s no need for white racism when black people are the first in line to knock each other down for free. That’s when it clicked (for me at least) why he had been hired for this piece.
About preferences: I really enjoy coffee. After trying many varietals and beans from different countries I’ve found a combo that appeals to me. I have a special occasion brew as well. It also has to be prepared a certain way and I use a specific sweetener combination. Now if I’m away from home and can’t make it the way I prefer I’ll settle for something else but I won’t really be satisfied with it. In fact I already know before I drink it that it’s a temporary fix. Sometimes I’ll skip it altogether and have a tea instead. That’s the thing about preferences. You really love it above all else. It suits you. Nothing else really compares and if you had the chance to have it all the time without the costs outweighing the benefits you would. So when you hear people talking about preferences and this is where BM come in talking about their preferences for light/white skin, the BW should know she’s been relegated to the dustbin to be pulled out and used when other options aren’t available. If she’s foolish enough to stick around. And she’ll go right back there when he’s through. Preferences are desirable and coveted. If you aren’t a preference then you are not considered to be of any value beyond what resources can be taken from you (sex, money, attention, a couch to crash on).
In full disclosure I’d sent him messages asking for a clarification. Just because you read one Tweet doesn’t mean you’ve grasped the entire conversation. He hadn’t replied at that time and since I went to his page and didn’t see it as part of a larger conversation I took him at his word. Mind you this is a man married to a white woman and I’m not here to disparage that. I think all black people, especially black women, African American women in particular (since so many seem to have a problem with the concept) should exercise ALL their dating and mating options, stop chasing after this mythical Black Prince (that doesn’t exist) and get out in the real world and be cherished by fully functioning men who are able to love you back faithfully and unconditionally.
He only responded to me after another black male writer entered the conversation and only about this article (the you don’t understand what journalism is spiel). If people had more character and a little backbone the entire collective wouldn’t be disintegrating before our eyes. Instead people mourn dead musical icons (rightfully so) but will go back to their apathy and inaction. Or as I like to refer to them as “Excusers and Deniers”. The building is on fire people. Discussing the burn rate (how things aren’t that bad), which room will go first and not caring if it’s not your section of the property (classism) or insisting that a firefighter (new leadership) will show up to put it out DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO STOP THE FIRE.
People like this writer represent BM who are of little or no value to BW. Appearance, education or notoriety without character is like whipped cream on top of poop. These famous athletes, rappers, actors, music artists – whatever – are no different from the guy on the corner selling dope. They all have a hustle: to enrich themselves, usually at another’s (some easily duped BW) expense. They will pretend to be your friend, have sex with or call on you for ego stroking duty but they will not honor, cherish or marry you. Unless you have something they want: Euro features, money or access to things they want. And if they do they will not be faithful and they will still dog other BW. (Re-read that again before you get your hackles up – I said men like that not ALL black men.)

Exhibit C: Let’s go to the tape –  [the YouTube video was removed after being circulated amongst BW bloggers]
According to Ne-Yo during this interview with a white woman fan who he jokingly (?) considers bedding, he’d love to procreate with her because —  “All the prettiest kids are light-skinned – normally.” Do you still think this is a joke? A preference? If being light-skinned is normal then what is being brown-skinned? ABNORMAL. When BM like this music artist feel so open to allow their pathologies to be on public display the entire collective is headed for destruction. And we wonder why Michael Jackson seemed so tortured and why it turned so many of us off? Looking in the mirror and seeing the truth isn’t always a pretty sight.
Now, if I’ve somehow misunderstood some aspect of this I am certainly willing to reconsider a point or two. What I will not do is argue about “journalistic practices” and “use of anonymous sources”. I am not a journalist, but I am a writer and I have common sense. I also care about the support and uplift of black women. No one can challenge me on that. I also stand by what I’ve written. I’ve left the Matrix. I’m honing my mind and cutting through much of the confusion that has left many of us walking in circles. I may still trip over my feet from time to time (by asking about black men stepping up collectively) but I’ve left the burning building and I’m not going back.
What about you?
I will continue this conversation to further discuss class, advancement and intra-black , anti-black woman racism next. I had so many ideas while writing this post it would’ve been five pages long!