Scandal Creator Smacks Down Criticism Of Her Writing Choices & Why Some Black Women Still Don’t Get It

Did any of you watch the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards last night? Here’s Kerry Washington looking lovely as usual.

Before we get into this conversation, I wanted to share the news that Survivior/Thriver Tina Turner is poised to become a Swiss citizen and give up her US passport. This is important for several reasons, but what I want to focus on is how Ms. Turner is making choices that benefit her. She’s not holding onto people, places or positions that no longer carry water. She’s lived abroad for more than 20 years and is happily coupled, so there’s no reason for her to look back. Yet, some black women still don’t get it and will continue choosing the slow lane and throw roadblocks to impede the progress of others. Compare and contrast her choices with yours and ask yourself if you’re living for other people’s ideologies or your own? Does your cup runneth over or is it empty?

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Questlove Of The Roots Finds Out He Can’t Get Away With His DBR Behavior

It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy! Questlove must now get approval for every piece of music the House Band plays on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon after using a crude song introducing Michele Bachmann when she was a guest in November. She immediately demanded an apology from the network. He should be glad he still has his job! Leno never had this problem with Kevin Eubanks.

Thou Shall Not Denigrate White Women 

Write that 1,000 times on the black board, son! Despite the way this has been downplayed so Fallon can save face, this is big. Even if the woman in question is a dubious political hack, she will be protected. Even if they themselves are no friend to other women. Questlove forgot in a normal, functioning [albeit imperfect] society males can’t cannibalize women – especially those part of the dominant group. Yes, there’s violence and sexism, but we can find numerous examples of males who face negative consequences when they get to far out of pocket.

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DBR Alert: Every Black Male Is “Guilty” Before Being Proven Innocent

I have to continue the conversations surrounding black women and our thought processes and how they manifest. First, I thought we’d already covered across several blogs that while ALL black males are not DBRs (damaged beyond repair) most display a certain percentage of tendencies that will send them closer to one end of the spectrum than the other. In fact, as I’m going through my blog archives I have. There has always been a subset of “professional” black males who have tried to distinguish themselves as “loving black women” or being anti-hood and safe. Often it’s because their livelihood is directly impacted by the promotion support and of black women. They know this and do not want to do anything to damage it.

Also, because I utilize social networking platforms in addition to my blogging duties I’m usually having various conversations on the side. So maybe it’s just me but I thought we’d already declared they have to prove themselves first and were not to be afforded any automatic assumptions or benefit of the doubt. Again, that could be just me.

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