Scandal Creator Smacks Down Criticism Of Her Writing Choices & Why Some Black Women Still Don't Get It”>hijacking

Did any of you watch the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards last night? Here’s Kerry Washington looking lovely as usual.

Before we get into this conversation, I wanted to share the news that Survivior/Thriver Tina Turner is poised to become a Swiss citizen and give up her US […]

Questlove Of The Roots Finds Out He Can't Get Away With His DBR Behavior

It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy! Questlove must now get approval for every piece of music the House Band plays on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon after using a crude song introducing Michele Bachmann when she was a guest in November. She immediately demanded an apology from the network. He […]

DBR Alert: Every Black Male Is “Guilty” Before Being Proven Innocent

I have to continue the conversations surrounding black women and our thought processes and how they manifest. First, I thought we’d already covered across several blogs that while ALL black males are not DBRs (damaged beyond repair) most display a certain percentage of tendencies that will send them closer to one end of […]