The Wonders Of Natural Oils

This is a basic infographic on choosing a good cooking oil. I want to add one important oil that’s missing: COCONUT OIL. Not only is it great for cooking with,  because it’s higher smoke point means it will be less likely to burn than go-to fave olive oil, but it’s also great to use on your skin and in your hair. It also has numerous medicinal qualities.  #justsaynotogrease


Faith’s Triple Blanco Bean Soup

It’s time for another recipe! I’m moving across the meal spectrum from desserts, to salads and now to soups/stews. Blame it on My Life In France. In case you didn’t know, Julia Child was pretty kewl.

Most people don’t eat white beans on a regular basis, so serving three varieties in one dish is a treat. This is one of my favorite recipes – which calls for Cannellini, Great Northern and Navy because it’s so versatile.

I recommend making a huge vat where you can eat some upfront and freeze the rest in portions. Of course you must have a full-bodied or extra-dry white wine to complete the meal.

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