The Wonders Of Natural Oils

This is a basic infographic on choosing a good cooking oil. I want to add one important oil that’s missing: COCONUT OIL. Not only is it great for cooking with, ┬ábecause it’s higher smoke point means it will be less likely to burn than go-to fave olive oil, but it’s also great to […]

Quick & Easy Pasta Dishes For Busy Women

It’s been too long since we’ve had a recipe post! I saw this cute meal over at xoJane for Farfalle & Parmesan and knew I had to modify it. I did and it was yummy. We’re doing a Recipe Remix to make it more filling and nutritious.


Faith's Triple Blanco Bean Soup

It’s time for another recipe! I’m moving across the meal spectrum from desserts, to salads and now to soups/stews. Blame it on My Life In France. In case you didn’t know, Julia Child was pretty kewl.

Most people don’t eat white beans on a regular basis, so […]

Kitchens A Chef Would Salivate Over

In my future dream house I envision an amazing kitchen that meets form, function and is family-friendly. I want a Viking oven, all the best kitchen gadgets [hello, I like to bake], copper cookware, a pantry, center island and a fireplace.

And don’t forget tons of natural light. I have a penchant for […]