SuperBowl Media Watch

While all eyes are focused on Brady vs. Manning or whether Madonna’s Half Time performance will suck be memorable, I’m thinking about last year’s derogatory Pepsi ad that reinforced the castrating and loud stereotype of black women amongst other less than savory ads. 

I don’t think it’s a matter of if there will be an offensive ad, but a matter of who is denigrated. IF NECESSARY WE MAY NEED TO RESPOND so, it’s better to be prepared than taken aback. This is where you come into play.

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Major Screw-up or False Advertising? Why Target’s Failure To Fix An Incorrect Computer Ad Should Concern You.

The question inquiring minds want to know is did they know and if so when? If not, then how could they miss it?

I was advising a friend who wanted to purchase a computer. She opted for a netbook due to its size and functionality. Since she wanted one immediately, we needed to determine if we would be able to find one locally or have to order it online. After a quick search, I found Target sells a variety of electronics.

I went over the features with “A” very carefully after we discussed the intended use and her overall needs. As I was comparing models, I noticed how the technology had improved the capabilities of netbooks across the board as well as lowering the overall price even further¬† compared to 2010. We selected the AOD257-13685.

Target ad —

When I spotted that listing I did a double-take. It touted not only a dual-core processor [which means the user can run numerous programs simultaneously without slowing the computer], but 2 gb of memory for less than $250. Finding a netbook with 2gb memory preloaded out the box at that price point is not likely. Dual-core wasn’t available for machines this small.¬† It didn’t even appear in a Mac before mid-2006! It was akin to spotting a unicorn.

The pace of technology does lead to improved functionality, while the market commands lower pricing tiers. Consumers want to be assured they are getting the most bang for their bucks these days. As an example, my netbook purchased in 2010 had just been manufactured and came with a $329 price tag. It was a great deal at the time. As the demand and push for such items continue to grow, the prices will continue to decrease.

I recommended the purchase enthusiastically. After checking Target’s site for availability at local stores, we headed out to buy it. Or so we hoped…

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