Sprint Has The Best Set Of Commercials This Year With Darth Vader & Alex DeLarge

That would be actors James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell (and two of their most famous roles from Star Wars and A Clockwork Orange respectively). They basically play two old men reenacting phone calls, Facebook status updates and messages in the At Sprint, Everything’s Important campaign that is totally adorbs! I’m not a […]

K-Mart Does A New Version Of The Dozens In Their Latest Commercial

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cringe at this K-Mart commercial featuring kids doing the “dozens” and “yo mamma” one-offs, but it wasn’t about hurling insults. It’s a little edgy. And there are two young black actresses featured in a multicultural ad. I’m on the fence with this one. What do you think?

Who Knew The SuperBowl Would Be So Interesting?


I was mildly curious about this year’s Super Bowl because the San Francisco 49ers had made it to the finals after a 15-year absence. In addition, I lived in the City when there was some of the most heated public debate about where the team would make its home in the new stadium […]

When Advertisers Positively Acknowledge Black Women #3


We may have a love/hate relationship with commercials due to implications of consumerism and concerns about products. Something to consider is image, recognition of buying power and simple consideration. I believe there was an episode of Mad Men where a company had solid research AAs made up a substantial percentage of their customer base, […]

When Advertisers Positively Acknowledge Black Women #2

Continuing our discussion from February – by supporting those who are supportive of you – we’ve got some new commercials that show black women in a positive light. (Don’t miss When Advertisers Positively Acknowledge Black Women #1.) Which is not the same thing as pandering or being ‘ironic’ for the sake of attention, […]

When Advertisers Positively Acknowledge Black Women

Consider this an adjacent conversation to our Super Bowl Media Watch. There are specific instances I will address in a separate post a) the total erasure of black women from ads this year b) the Roland Martin situation (nothing like witnessing a meltdown in real-time on Twitter) c) another advertiser with a majority […]

SuperBowl Media Watch

While all eyes are focused on Brady vs. Manning or whether Madonna’s Half Time performance will suck be memorable, I’m thinking about last year’s derogatory Pepsi ad that reinforced the castrating and loud stereotype of black women amongst other less than savory ads. 

I don’t think it’s a matter of if there […]