A “Hoochie” Barbie That Offends Or Is Mattel Paying Attention?

I just did a quick peek at the Mattel company website and did not see this potential offering of their latest Barbie, but discussions on social media platforms are already abuzz.  Naturally Moi has an article asking whether this doll (which they’ve labeled as being a new Barbie) is an accurate representation of […]

African Women Remind Outsiders To Stop Hijacking Their Image

At least some African women are concerned enough about their interests that they’re actively protecting their image. One thing that always annoys me is how the continent is lumped together instead of discussing each country individually. Like “Black Women”.

There are well-documented problems mentioned often, but there are also numerous interested parties […]

“Beat Her Down” Brown Part One: When Victims Are Complicit In Their Abuse


UPDATE Mar 22nd:  Apparently Chris Brown has forgotten that he avoided jail time with some “real” criminals and his sociopathy reared it’s head after an interview on Good Morning America. He trashed his dressing room after being asked about his probation status by host Robin Roberts. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. ….and some people are “surprised” by […]