A “Hoochie” Barbie That Offends Or Is Mattel Paying Attention?

I just did a quick peek at the Mattel company website and did not see this potential offering of their latest Barbie, but discussions on social media platforms are already abuzz.  Naturally Moi has an article asking whether this doll (which they’ve labeled as being a new Barbie) is an accurate representation of African-American women.

Meet your newest Ratchet Hip-Hop Black Barbie?!

Knock-off designer bags. Check.

Exposed cleavage. Check.

All they need to do is add a few pieces like pajama bottoms, a head scarf, purple drank and Hood Rat Barbie is complete.

Does this offend you?

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African Women Remind Outsiders To Stop Hijacking Their Image

At least some African women are concerned enough about their interests that they’re actively protecting their image. One thing that always annoys me is how the continent is lumped together instead of discussing each country individually. Like “Black Women”.

There are well-documented problems mentioned often, but there are also numerous interested parties actively engaged in finding solutions. In the meantime, I don’t see online conversations where Nigerian, Ugandan, Liberian, etc. women are screaming they’re mostly ‘fat and happy’, or how moving onto non-African social circles equals white male worship or how colonialism (white racism) is the main source of their societal ills. We’ve only discussed this in about 300 posts because some of you are extremely hard-headed about justifying non-beneficial dogmas instead of setting higher standards.

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“Beat Her Down” Brown Part One: When Victims Are Complicit In Their Abuse

UPDATE Mar 22nd:  Apparently Chris Brown has forgotten that he avoided jail time with some “real” criminals and his sociopathy reared it’s head after an interview on Good Morning America. He trashed his dressing room after being asked about his probation status by host Robin Roberts. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

….and some people are “surprised” by his behavior. Once a DBR…..


Halima’s Who’s Zooming Who post from Jan 2010 went through a rather extensive list of anti-BW black males who were self-serving in promoting their own interests while claiming to be working on behalf of black women (and children). I’d like to add another dimension to that.

I just realized that Chris Brown has a point about it not being “fair” that he was held (somewhat) accountable and suffered (minimal) repercussions for his deviant behavior. There’s a plethora of black male entertainers who have engaged in the very same behavior but due to black male protectionism and racio-misogyny against black women they were never put under the same level of scrutiny all in the name of “advancing the race”. (We’ll cover that in Parts 2 & 3 of this series).

Our collective silence is tantamount to approval whereby outsiders think we’re okay with this *&^%! Well WE ARE NOT! Case in point: a white male who runs a forum related to government transparency sent a message on Twitter that he wished Kayne West and Radiohead would collaborate on a song. My reply: I hoped Thom Yorke would have more common sense than to work with such a blatant misogynist. Did this guy pay any attention to the video where ‘Ye is fondling the mannequins of seemingly dead white women?

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