Wow Sinead O’Connor Calls It!

Well color me speechless! While watching The Good Wife last night, the writers/producers made a bold statement. Alicia sat in on a review board involving a police officer with the last name Zimmerman who shot and killed an unarmed black man. That wasn’t a coincidence. Reading between the lines, Blue Ribbon Panel showed a very telling distribution of power. If you’re paying attention to whose interests are served and who has a seat at the table you will hopefully start considering your future. It wasn’t the key plot of the episode, but it certainly packed a wallop!

I’ve always enjoyed Sinead O’Connor for her insight, musicality and fearlessness. I can’t think of many modern-era entertainers who’ve been so willing to put themselves on the line for their beliefs, flaws and all. Here’s an excerpt of a recent post at her blog worth reading. She discusses the death of Trayvon Martin, but unlike many delves into core truths without being paternalistic.

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My Black Woman’s Empowerment Message For the Venters, Naysayers & Flat Earth Theorists

Enough already! 

Lately some of the more seemingly mundane posts (refreshers on previous conversations) I’ve published have generated a lot of attention – and opposition. Oh a few malcontents may have gotten through but you haven’t seen the unapproved comments that I will not remotely entertain. It’s been interesting to say the least. I’ve also noticed I’m getting new readers and some first-time commenters. Thanks! I always want to be striving to reach a wider audience and my most recent stats prove that. Again, thanks! This isn’t about me, it’s about YOU out there in the blogosphere trying to find your way through a sea of trash to clean waters and safer shores. To free your mind, follow your bliss and live well. 

2011 is here more or less. What type of year are you planning for yourself or will you allow circumstances to dictate your response? It’s time to step our game up mentally to prepare for an amazing year. It’s available to you if you want it badly enough and are willing to position yourself for it. We may stumble (a lot) but we can get back up. For those already secure a little guidance might be very beneficial if you feel so inclined to share. For those of us out of the Matrix: we must press on toward our goals or give up and let the moss grow over us. It’s DO or DIE. 

Just as women of different ages (who may also be enjoying a wedded bliss) might have greater appeal within their peer group those of us who are unmarried and child-free also offer a certain perspective to the empowerment message. I’m not suggesting there is one message that fits all scenarios of an individual woman’s life either. As always this is a case of making considerations about what has appeal and meaning for you. Those of us still getting to our destinations have specific insights that other may relate to well.  Whatever our individual journey may look like there are fundamental basics we generally agree on regarding moving past any placement of physical and mental limitations on the lives of black women. It’s the combined messaging from all angles that fit into a larger puzzle to offer a clear view. 

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