There Was Definitely A Little BWE In Obama’s CBC Speech

CBC Week wraps up its annual (I don’t know what to call it as I don’t know what the parameters to critique it are anymore) week-long event after a fancy dinner/dance and speech from POTUS.  A political speech is always a political speech, however some truths can apply. Mr. Obama referenced his focus on programs like My Brother’s Keeper did in fact FAIL to address the needs of black girls. Those were conversations we had online and how his largest base (black women) were being shoved aside for everybody else again).

His reference to the way our pioneering African American women Civil Rights leaders were sidelined by the [publicity-stunting, self-serving] males has been an on-going topic of conversation on these very pages for several years now  and it’s rewarding to see the work of vast networks of BWE and BW-centric digital spaces continue to pay off in shaping the zeitgeist.

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In Case You Want SOTU Info

Extra post alert! Since I said we’d be covering more politically-oriented fare (even as the personal life-affirming choices we make may seem political to some), I wanted to remind any interested readers the first State of the Union address from President Obama in 2012 is scheduled to air tonight at 9PM EST.

This is an election year and it’s imperative to think and act strategically. As always we must use discernment when taking in messages. We can weigh whether our support yielded results and how certain relationships have benefited us.

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The Key Missing Element For Black Achievement Is Getting Over Our Own Hatred For Each Other – Not What White People Think and Do

Part I.

A Counterbalance To The Assessment and Criticism From Forbes Article

I’m somewhat reluctantly going to respond to the Gene Marks’ diatribe, “If I Were A Poor Black Kid”, which has been lobbed back and forth on the Interwebs in a heavily contested debate about racism, paternalism and questions who really cares about what’s best for black children. I’d rather talk about traveling to warm locations and baking cookies, but given the sad state of accountability I have to respond. Any article that generates more than half a million PageViews in one week has obviously touched a nerve. Did Forbes fix the original title after reading LosAngelista’s critique where she mentioned it was grammatically incorrect?

Frankly, the article bores me because this topic has been discussed repeatedly, but no one wants to do anything to fix the problems it discusses. People have noted the symbols that identify lack of infrastructure, but fail to identify their true source. The vanguard CBC members can’t even get black voters to hold President Obama accountable for ignoring them.

Does anyone on the outside think a poorly-edited article from a guy with no skin the game, patting a few colored children on the head so a few whites who are still salty there’s a black President in office (for all the good it’s done for us) has any significance? The only people responding so vehemently aside from actual racists (and black male misogynists) are the ones whose inferiority complexes are showing: other blacks.

Why I am saying this? Continue after the jump to find out.

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Carol Moseley Braun In Real Life Election Mirrors Wendy Scott-Carr’s Television Race

Yes, this is another mention of the CBS drama, “The Good Wife“. Really CBS and King Size Productions should be paying me to promote their show across social media platforms. That’s not why I’m doing this, however. We have a prime time hit show with a secondary plot that uplifts black women and presents us as intelligent, feminine and shrewd. We need to be supporting the show so TPTB will continue sharing more stories like this across several shows. If only to counterbalance the reality show/gossip blog dregs of negativity and foolishness that so many find realistic and entertaining even as it justifies other people’s stereotyping/scapegoating of blacks.

Black women have a real life vs. reel life lesson being played out that should not be missed – or dismissed. Since the show and the elections are based in Chicago in 2011 what are the odds we’d have this example to ponder? The show’s writers and the orchestrators of the real Chicago election have little in common I’m sure, but the timing and subplot is certainly interesting given what’s going on right now.

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Do That Many People Care About The Obama Marriage?

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama hand out ...


So if you’ve been keeping up with serious political discourse gossip you may have heard that Barack and Shelly O are having their marriage dissected speculated on (again) by a newspaper (New York Times) trolling for more readers. The curiosity factor is said to be weighed heavily on this subject – so much so that it deserves yet another a feature story???

…the Obamas mix politics and romance in a way that no first couple quite have before. Almost 10 months ago, they swept into Washington with inauguration festivities that struck distinctly wedding-like notes: he strode down an aisle and took a vow, she wore a long white dress, the youthful-looking couple swayed to a love song in a ceremonial first dance and then settled into a new house… Sunday NYT

Mmmkay. Wasn’t the book enough already since it came after the Slate series, the coverage of political wives, the Ebony cover stories and countless others?

Guess not!

Now I thought that after nearly one year in office (I know!) some of this “curiosity” would have surely died down by now. So I have one question: why does the Obama marriage generate such interest?

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