Women Utilizing Social Media Series: Ananda Leeke

Time goes by very quickly especially when you’re having fun. I began Acts of Faith Blog nearly two years ago. I knew there were conversations I wanted to contribute to as well as initiate.  As this initiative continues I want to expand this platform and the message of social justice and empowerment. One of the most important aspects includes connecting with an audience. Due to the user friendly nature of social networking many of us now have more tools at our disposal than ever.  Technology has advanced while costs have decreased such that we can create content of our own choosing.

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Magnificent Monday – She’s Geeky Follow-Up

Dear Readers: My current blogging schedule reflects the increased in-person relations and activities going on some of which is still percolating. I have lots of future exciting news to share!! Also, I have to complete my NaNoWrite Mo project. I attended the She’s Geeky un-Conference in DC last week and it’s been a whirlwind ever since! It’s all good though but I am tired ya’ll. I woke up sleepy this morning, lol. Anyhoo, before I get too sidetracked on Twitter discussing the American Music Awards and cheating celeb spouses (??) I need to do a blog post.

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