In Honor Of New York And London Fashion Week: Recognizing & Affirming Our Beauty

I missed Tedx talk when pioneering black beauty blogger Afrobella first spoke. Lately, I’ve been inspired to do a complete overhaul of my wardrobe. I have to take a moment to recognize the joys and pitfalls of online shopping when you can’t find styles that suit your tastes. The same can […]

Universal Laws Do Apply Whether We're Aware Or Not

I just heard Lillian Lopez, the lead singer of the disco-era group Odyssey passed away. I don’t think I need to mention the power of the influence of art forms like music. This song definitely encouraged my desire to live in Manhattan when I listened to it as a child.


When Struggling With Change Determination Must Conquer Doubt

And obstinance….

The DC Comics series (and film which is out on DVD) Green Lantern offers an interesting contrast as it questions our relationship between will (determination) and fear (doubt). The movie was rather meh for me barring the unexpected Angela Bassett sighting as Dr. Amanda Waller.

The […]

Prosperity Prayer For Full Option Living

Think of it as a non-secular affirmation and replace with your own religious totem if necessary. When we shift our focus from the “problem” and instead think about the place where we want to be, we can work our way backwards so to speak. And then move ahead. Try it for a while. […]