What You've Been Reading Lately - Posts Revisited

Hey All,

I’ve been doing some back-end housekeeping and have been rather amused by some of the posts that are still being viewed after their original publishing date. As a forum moderator I want to provide valuable content that speaks to the regular readers while still expanding to accommodate new visitors.


Gosh – this song still rocks! David Bowie’s Modern Love.

This 80’s classic is a song about being confident about love. Yes, despite the protagonist’s declaration of not “believing” in it, he still yields to Modern Love. I wonder if it’s biographical because that song was released before […]

Blog-A-Versary Time Again With Much Gratitude

Howdy AOFB readers! We’re going into year FOUR. I for one am surprised and amazed by this journey across the Interwebs. Thank you to all of those who’ve contributed something of value here. The wonderful examples of absolutely fierce women and men who have offered such astute advice helped us […]

The Thing You Deniers & Enablers Fail To Understand Is That DBR Black Males Cannot Restrain Their Damaged Behavior

I had to write about another recent incident related to the dissemination of hateful messaging if only to contrast how certain poisons are tolerated and excused while others are not. I’d been waiting to find out whether the idiot in question had been fired, but it seems he’s been sent on a humiliation […]

Note To Hipster Misogynists: Time To Put Your Big Girl Panties On!

Regular readers of this forum know I do not pull any punches calling out racism, sexism and self-culpability in order for women and girls to make sound choices for better living. While I have focused on what I’d term triage/emergency room life-sustaining measures related to black women, I have always been an advocate […]

Evaluating Men For Alliances & Marriage Series #10: A Male Chauvinist Pig By Any Other Name Still Oinks!

There’s Nothing Casual About Casual Sex

True story. When I was in my early twenties I ran into a former HS classmate. We went on a few dates and while I appreciated his attention, I’d only allow him a kiss at the door. I wasn’t “sold” on him. That previous shared experience lent […]

It's Here! Your AOFB BWE Primer.

I know many of you have asked for BWE 101-type assistance. Since there are also tons of new readers every week being added to the fold, I thought creating an overview guide would best suit your needs.

I, of course am still preparing the full column posts with intros and updated […]

Inspirational Quotes: Des'ree

Yes, I’m going to quote the lyrics from a song written and recorded by British singer-songwriter Des’ree. Her message of uplift and empowerment is just as potent and encouraging as when the song was released more than a decade ago! Here’s one of my all-time favorite “Girl Power” anthems: You Gotta Be.

You […]

BWE Infiltrators & Posers Round Two: Black Woman-Haters Are Now Speaking On Our Behalf?!

I am sooo loathe to mention this DBR fool’s name, so I’ll link to one of my earlier posts that analyzed his denigration of our First Lady, Michelle Obama instead. Having just re-read it, I must say it was brilliant. One of my best posts and that was the summer when DBR-ville and […]

Evaluating Men For Alliances & Marriage #8: The Curious Case Of Maria Shriver

Ah…so many lessons can be learned by studying the choices of others – particularly women of privilege who are purported to “have it all”.

A story loosely based on the Schwarzenegger marriage may likely be a Lifetime Movie Of The Week that will air this Fall. I’d bet money on it! […]