Despite The Blatant “Open Season” Disrespect, Many Black Women ARE Setting Boundaries!

Did I catch the long tail of anti-black woman gendered racism from non-blacks reaching its peak? Or is there an increased awareness due to the extended social justice efforts of BWE that the lifestyle changes have spurred an even bigger cultural shift than we’ve realized?

Between recent coverage of Majora Carter, Dr. Dambisa Moyo oh and the pushback against the ongoing everyday assault on black women within the dead black community aka Blackistan, we’re witnessing an unprecedented number of attacks…but are they more likely to be recognized with more countermeasures in place?

The aggression may still occur, but it is not business as usual! The discrepancy between those demanding back women do this, cater to that, respond with “x” and serve their purposes without respect or reciprocity are over.

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The Way To Help People Out Of Mediocrity Is To Make Them Uncomfortable With It

Where are the standards?

Here I thought when a blogger referred to the slave mentality of most blacks it was harsh — except the behavior that was on display from one of my blog posts last week was revealed to be exactly that and worse. Every time I wonder how low things can go they sink further. I’m glad the blogging audience could see this unfold. Agree or disagree – we benefit from clarification. This is what I’ve observed:

  • Women who lie, lie, lie and deny, deny, deny. Unsuccessfully.
  • Women who are single-issue advocates. Once they get “theirs” it’s time to check out.
  • Women sitting on the sidelines. Coddling unsavory behavior.
  • Women comforting perpetrators as victims, ignoring the actual victims.
  • Women offering mealy-mouthed platitudes about how they “wish” it would all go away everyone would get along so they can put their masks on and go back to sleep.
  • Women who may “care” as the day is long, but will walk all over you if you let them.
  • Women using other people’s forums for further venting time, rehashing their one-sided conflicts with other people and generally stirring the pot. Whiners not doers.
  • Women who claim to not be taking sides but choosing one by settling for less.
  • Women allowing anyone onto their forums  — like a certain white guy who isn’t dating or married to a black woman, identified himself as having had personal issues to resolve and has been using us for entertainment for well over two years now. He’s dropped little bits of poison into numerous conversations. He has not produced any tangible results that have uplifted black women, but because he claims interest in black women’s issues, some of you lap it up. WHY?
  • Women who can get along with you…as long as you dance in the gutter with them.
  • Women who feel entitled to benefits without paying sweat equity or reciprocating in kind.
  • Women claiming they support a cause but have not done anything substantial to build it, grow it or sustain it. It’s like claiming to be on a diet but eating a gallon of ice cream daily.

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Why More Of You Need To Know About The Consumers Union Summit

I have had the pleasure of attending the Consumers Union Activist Summit in DC and it has far exceeded my expectations.  From my initial surveying of the crowd the attendees skew an older demographic and yes it is somewhat homogeneous. I’m not going to voice a complaint about that at this time because from speaking with the lovely staff I’d say any “lack” of a more balanced participation comes from you..and you and you.

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