Today Is YOUR Independence Day!

Lady Liberty

Ask yourself if you’re living freely?

US readers will celebrate the 236th Independence Day of our country’s victory over British rule. As an African-American I always note the irony of how the Black citizens (both free and enslaved) who helped build this country have had to fight for full inclusion. It’s very telling about human vs. spiritual nature won out amongst the ruling elite in how some wanted to control others while claiming oppression. Yet, 8-10 generations later many Blacks have long forgotten the promise yet to be fulfilled.

On a more personal scale, when we discuss the concepts of independence, freedom and sovereignty we’re referring to personal autonomy. We have the right – and responsibility – to be our most authentic selves.

Many conflicts result from people faking the funk. Spending beyond their means. Pretending to be something they’re not. Burying lack of intellectual and social exploration into religious dogma. Narrow-minded thinking. Procrastination and fear.

Still more conflicts arise from external pressure that others impose on people to conform. Someone may want you to think and act the way they do. They may manipulate, distort or sabotage to try to control you. I’m sure many of us can relate to feeling pressure to do something that doesn’t resonate with our core sense of self.

Basically, you can’t just go along to get along. We need to trust our instincts, get back in touch with who we are/where our passion resides and draw strength from God/Universe. Some of us may be right on track. Some may benefit from a thorough review and renewal. It’s ok if you have steps to take. The point is to not feel as if you missed out on doing what you want that fills your life with joy. And taking it out on everyone else. Let go of whatever is holding you back to be everything you were meant to be.

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  1. Sorry, but I didn't nor did I care to celebrate independence Day because if you do the research, black people WAS NOT FREE at the time of this so call american birth day. Blacks were still slaves so who's independence are you really celebrating?? It sure as hell isnt blacks.

    1. Though your reply is kinda spammy your lack of knowledge of the history of Blacks in US is sorely lacking. There were many who lived here who were never enslaved or secured their freedom from chattel slavery. Nor were they the only ones enslaved. Crispus Attucks was just one example of the many who died so future generations would be free. That white hegemony attitude also ignores the numerous Blacks who fought AGAINST our freedom for the Confederacy. Which is worse? The slave owner for profit or the enslaved person working on their behalf??? Here’s the results of a quick internet search.… A mind truly is a terrible thing to waste. For your sake get some personal, racial and ethnic pride and stand tall.
      Here’s specific info on the contributions of AA women:… We have MUCH to celebrate instead of turning July 4th into a gluttony OR whine fest.

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