This Week’s Fun….and Foolishness Recap

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While I have multiple feeds that link to the blog’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, I realize everyone doesn’t subscribe. Well, you’re missing out on some very interesting conversations by the way, but I’ve also noted everyone who subscribes to the social media channels don’t necessarily come to the blog site directly either! I still find it intriguing how people use technology and access web pages differently. Here’s a few articles/conversations of interest that I wanted to share.


A little musical interlude:

Depeche Mode is STILL going STRONG after 30+ years with one of their best albums, Delta Machine. I hear a Kraftwerk influence, but it’s all good! I’ve often wondered how some bands stay together, through the addictions, relationship dramas and power struggles AND how they also remain relevant. It’s rare. It’s a marriage and you can tell which partnerships are the most compatible and committed by the way people choose to remain together, what boundaries are set and their enthusiasm for the relationship. Also, Martin Gore writes some of the best, emotionally intelligent songs I’ve ever heard. I’ve had to grow into many of DM’s songs due to earlier religious indoctrination (I mean I used to think I was “bad” because I enjoyed songs with certain trigger words (like the word “lust” in a title).

I’ve always analyzed what I listen to and Mr. Gore’s songs challenged me in ways I’ve come to appreciate over the years because I had no point of reference to draw on until I had more life experience.  Did I ever talk about how I met the band when I was 19 and pointedly asked Mr. Gore about his “racy” lyrics  that seemed to mock God and he asked me if I was a “Christian”, which I of course thought about later on to mean someone with a few hang-ups. Yes, I cringe a bit now because I was uptight in trying to do the “right” thing! The black woman must do a, b, c straitjacket almost dragged me down for good, but meeting some real legalistic religious nutters, cured me of that and sent me on a journey of self-discovery about who I am and what I believe that guides me to this day.

I also find it amusing to listen to songs that are a little twisted without being vulgar (pleasure, pain, death, the state of the world and our very humanity of needing to touch each other and connect). I mean the chorus of Personal Jesus (reach out and touch Faith…hahaha people took it literally if they know me). Ask me why I’m a  bit obsessed with classics  Fly On The Windscreen and Behind The Wheel lately. DM has released great music beyond the “techno” fad and have outlasted many of their peers. The Cure is one of the only group of their contemporaries that are still recording and touring.  I love ya Dave, but when Martin sings solo (see Barcelona 2010 tour 42-51 min) ….mmmmm…..but here’s footage from their 2013 tour.



Two years after this little performance (likely heightened by Whitney’s untimely passing), musician Josh Weathers is getting a lot of attention (likely heightened because he hit the Whitney high notes) for his thoroughly enjoyable cover of WHITNEY’s vocal styling of Dolly Parton-penned I Will Always Love You. Cute, Blake Shelton-looking, rugged guys who tell funny stories about their mama AND who can tap their inner divo to cover an iconic love song gets a big thumbs up!


A teacher is getting a lot of buzz for stopping a gunman from shooting up a school and while I am so glad Antoinette Tuff talked her way out of mass murder, I have concerns about the way the story is being relayed in the media. There’s the prayer/religious aspect that she leaned on God. Yet, many others have and don’t survive violence. Also, due to the tendency of making black women “SUPER” as in inhuman, I hope people are taking it all into consideration that it was a miracle, not something that happened by chance. Yet, because it was a miracle, we should all take a moment to acknowledge that. The savior role, as in putting ALL the burden on black women to protect the “community” though is being reinforced here and that’s powerful indoctrination that has to be dismantled.

I’m not going to get into why you should know better than to support the distorted, dysfunctional, “inspired” story of former White House Butler Eugene Allen (RIP) and how insulting it is to the family to portray Mrs. Allen as a drinking, smoking, cheating hussy because Lee Daniels has stepped into the Tyler Perry position of dragging black women through the mud and being rewarded for it. This just reiterates why those of us who see the forest for the trees must continue separating ourselves and it doesn’t matter that Oprah is starring or Maya Angelou co-signs this nonsense. People want to get paid, get accolades and be part of the “in-crowd”. HELLO!!! People have other MOTIVES than uplifting black people and guess what….while you were all crowing about a “Zimmerman” you’re ignoring the black people selling you out every day.

This just emphasizes how the BLACKISTAN mentality has taken over and that spiritual battle is done, so GET OUT while you still can. The zombies are coming for you and the Marie Antoinettes don’t give a ___. But I will share this lovely interview where your new favorite director says he thought he was in a welfare office instead of an AIDS clinic due to the large concentration of black women and kids present. Mind you he goes on to make excuses for DeceptiCons while completely ignoring the correlation between denigrated black women, self-esteem and poor choices helping fuel their sky-high HIV rates. So we’re welfare queens AND harlots! Isn’t he just precious! Sounds like he resents raising his nieces and nephews and blames his sister. If anyone can show how this latest lunacy actually BENEFITS the black collective, now’s your chance.

On a pleasant note, I got to see the Faith Ringgold exhibit live and in person! OMG it was AMAZEBALLS!!!! For those of you not in proximity to DC, petition your museum to host her works of art. It’s that simple. YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!!

Here’s a discussion of one of her best pictures, DIE.


If you have any budding female techies, there’s a Google scholarship that might get her funds to attend key conferences.

This is all kinds of wrong…but toooooo funnnneeeeee…………………………………drops the mic!

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  1. A lot of of bands and groups stay together when they were based on actual friendships based on childhood or likes and dislikes in common and common hobbies of their members before their formation as we know them today, whether they’re all men, all women or full of both genders from what I’ve read and seen on TV.

    A lot of these same singing groups and bands always break up rather quickly whenever they were put together artificially by the record companies again regardless of the gender makeup of their formations. Depeche Mode and The Rolling Stones are good examples of the former and The Police are good examples of the latter.

    Although things like greed and such can ruin many situations regardless. Spandau Ballet’s members all went to high school together and two of them are brothers, the ones with the last name Kemp. The Kemp brothers took all of the credit for writing the songs in the 90s and that broke up the band in two factions and lead to the courtroom to battle the rights out. They only recently decided to reform and tour again a couple of years ago I think when Tony Hadley their singer finally agreed to sing for them again. One of the Kemp brothers though acts on TV in some shows from time to time.

    1. That\’s true. I think of bands like Depeche Mode and Duran Duran for example. Many of them have long term friendships, but they also have had more favorable record deals (DM with a 50% split with Mute) and/or co-writing distribution. A lot of the fighting with bands outside of the personal struggles (drugs, etc) have to do with attention focused on individual band members, egos and mostly money.


    I discovered them in my last years of high school, right around when Exiter came out. The reason why they have stayed around for so long is that their music and lyrics are timeless. Martin Gore knows how to craft a good song and all of their music has stood up to the test of time. I was listening to Songs of Faith and Devotion the other night. My favorite song is still World in My Eyes.

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