This Video May Get You Wondering How People Tag You On The Phone! And In Life.

I saw this hilarious dating video (it’s a quick 2 minutes, with about 5 seconds NSFW) about how people label each other when adding people as phone contacts. Hey, they used Ting Tings “That’s Not My Name” which had me replaying the video so I could sing the chorus again. Love that song! And can I tell you how many times, I’ve had to spell my name because people call me Stacy or something else….

The video is on my Tumblr page because it would display properly.

You can tell they’re all hard-body LA actors, too (well, at least I can)! It got me thinking that this can apply across the board when we’re sharing details in trying to remember people we meet. Unless, you’re one of those people who don’t give out your number or have multiple phones and separate Google Voice accounts to parse people so your personal, business and “up in the air” folks never mix…like *cough* me! What do you do to establish boundaries and categorize ‘potentials’ in perhaps a less vulgar way than the characters in the video?

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  1. I have a MagicJack number that I use as a "home" number. I give it to people I don't care about and I return their call when they leave a message. I jealously guard my cell phone number.

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