This Is What Men Protecting Women Looks Like

For those of you still holding out with hope for a golden age of improved relations between black men and women. For those who think if they protest for years on end something will change. For those who want their care, concern, activism or attempts at changing how other people behave to work. You can’t shake your fist, react emotionally or expect all attempts at pushing a mountain will get it to move by your efforts alone. Stop spinning your wheels!

To the Marie Antoinettes, Single Issue Protestors, Faux Progressives, Professional ‘Feminists’ and Anti-Rape Opportunists  who selectively pursue “justice” – those chickens will continue to roost. Misdirecting your ire at so-called elites, pundits, conservatives, or whomever does not absolve you of your responsibility for carrying dead weight and maintaining caustic people, places and practices – let alone recruiting others to do so. From Dunbar Village to Delhi to Steubenville and back.

There is a solution.

Total accountability for men by men who actually give a d*mn.

‘How can I change and make Delhi better and respect women more?’

So asks Jonathan Abraham, co-founder of India For Integrity. Read the full article.

A PUBLIC APOLOGY FROM DELHI MEN TO DELHI WOMEN. Before Yohan Sudheer put up his banner apologizing to Delhi women for the behavior of Indian men, a security guard stepped in to share his opinion on the matter.

“He took me aside and said ‘You know, in that rape case that it was the woman’s fault because of the way she was behaving on the bus,’” said Mr. Sudheer, recalling the conversation at the small gathering at Jantar Mantar, a popular protest ground in New Delhi, Saturday.

Mr. Sudheer, 20, says the security guard was trying to convince him that men should not be held responsible for sexually assaulting women, including in the Delhi rape case, because they should dress more conservatively.

“This is what we’re up against,” said Mr. Sudheer.

Let the men take their cues from functioning women but LEAD wayward males into a more women (and children) friendly society with all recriminations at the ready for those who refuse to comply. Despite protests to the contrary (some of which is justified), white women as a group enjoy their status due to the White Male Protection Policy in place to maintain their dominance as a collective. Despite not being the biggest world population. Despite reports of dwindling numbers a.k.a. the “browning” of America. Where do you think the major feminist groups get their funding in a patriarchal society where women earn less than men? Shifting balances.

This is why when discussing all the ways women can get ahead in life, we evaluate our personal values, inner motivations, hard work and forming the best relationships. You are encouraged to explore your freedoms as well as bring your A game, but still seek marriages and alliances that benefit. Pockets of non-white women who position themselves accordingly also get insured under the White Male Protection Policy, as white women accept similar levels of assistance from non-white men as well. Smart women do not limit their opportunities for advancement.

One thing you did not see was women taking to the streets in protest or raising hell like a post-Millenium Bandit Queen. No, they quietly withdrew and stated if they weren’t going to be protected they would stay at home. The economic impact of their lack of support is duly noted.  There are travel advisories warning foreigners traveling to India of the increase in sex crimes. It’s nice to see the locals supporting the locals. I saw reports online of a Scandinavian couple who were attacked including the gang rape of the wife. Between the women of Delhi not working past sundown and travelers being in danger, the reputation of the country is at stake.

India has not yet been saddled with the low opinion about the poor conditions of several African countries. If they don’t address the problem or counterbalance with something pleasant they might.  This group of men in New Delhi may be smaller in numbers, but they will wield a lot of influence if they are focused, ethical and sincere. This can be applied and adjusted across the board to every community. All it takes is a decision to make the care and well-being of women and girls a priority. No abuse of power, sports program or complaints about racism/oppression should take precedence.

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  1. And, still many bw look at other bw who date and marry out as the enemy. We are not the enemy. But, if you are happy in whatever situation you are in then I am happy for you.

    1. I referenced the same post on Sojourner's Passport (along with your post above and the post on WAOD) in a FB group that mentioned the NAACP former president that supports rapists. Khadija called it- Blackistan is going to get way worse over the next several years.

    1. When I first heard about this former NAACP president speaking out in defense of the rapists, I felt physically ill. This is why the NAACP has never gotten one dime from me-and they never will! They defend the people that terrorize Black girls. Black misleaders have repeatedly stood on the side of rapist, from Genarlow Wilson to Dunbar village to Steubenville and countless others in between. They REFUSE to protect Black women and girls.

      1. I don't expect anything different from certain entities. There's a part of me that could care less because how many times does it take getting hit over the head for Black women to say "ouch" and move out the way?

    2. Let's not and say we did. Was this Julian Bond or that Kweisi guy? Ugh! I swear, Jesus could come back on Sunday and some guard dg Sista Soldier would lead a cruxifiction posse against Him for addressing the abuses.

  2. (cont) Creating alliances with men that are vested in protecting our interests is key. Evia did a podcast regarding the social currency that comes from being married to a WM. I have to agree with her, but even when my husband isn't with me, I find that I receive a lot of perks and special considerations. These people do not know that I'm IR married, but they can sense my peaceful mindset, relaxed demeanor, and lack of apprehension when it comes to dealing with people of all races. That comes from dropping the garbage that the BC tries to put on BW, and embracing my femininity.

    1. Yes, but your husband is not just some random white guy. You vetted him thoroughly. You did the ground work and it has paid off. There's too much of a "get a white man" craze amongst certain black women. I fully support ANY healthy relationship, but some of the pro-IRR websites, FB pages and conversations I've observed lack mention and application of critical decision-making.

      1. Whew, don't get me started on those "get me a WM" blogs and the BW obsessed with IRRs. A few are dispensing good basic information, but others are pure fluff. Some blogs are setting readers up to repeat past relationship mistakes with WM. Then, those same women will say, "All men are the same! None of them are any good!" Hmm, women take their emotional garbage into new relationships and wonder why they aren't successful in meeting good men …

  3. Looky, looky here: a movement FOUNDED by a MAN, to police the behavior of OTHER MEN. This is what the BC refuses to understand-only men can police other men. The women in India haven't had one public protest-they just withdrew their support. In a semi-functional (or better) community, withdrawal of support is enough to motivate men to action. However, in the dysfunctional and morally deficient BC, women that withdraw their support are attacked and vilified. Instead of trying to regain that support, the BC continues to dig in their heels and do nothing but whine and cry about racism, ignore the rabid males that terrorize neighborhoods, and pour money into the pockets of BM without expecting those men giving anything of value in return. Oh yeah, they temporarily stop whining and crying so that they can say how things "aren't that bad"; I mean, we do have a black president and all … (yes, a healthy smidgeon of sarcasm with that last sentence.) (cont.)

    1. The same can be said of Steubenville, where the town is full of WM trying to relive their HS Baller days. There's still a LOT of support for the rapists and they weren't prosecuted as adults. Of course the difference lies in the smaller percentages between white and black populations. India has so many travel advisories tied to gang rape, I had no idea. We'll see if there are any systematic changes with continued media scrutiny.

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