This Changes My View On The Journey/Destination Analogy For Good!

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

Henry Miller

I’ve been haunted by that common expression that  assures us focusing on the steps we take to get to where we want to end up is better than the constant frustration from not having arrived there yet.  So again, I keep stumbling across phrases, spaces and places that have me rethinking what I’ve already analyzed to death!

And so it is.  A new way of seeing something is adopting a new mindset. Accepting a different perspective. Not necessarily “better” just one that we hadn’t utilized before. One that may not have worked up until then. So as you go into this new month and a holiday weekend for those in the United States, let’s take a few seconds to reflect on that.

New Mindset.

New Reality.

This is the core of what we’ve been discussing at this forum for the past four years, though we’ve used specific situations that have been challenging or eye-opening to do so. This is about YOU, living fabulously. You being engaged. You full of energy. You taking care of business. You living authentically. You letting go of people, places and practices that don’t benefit you being your best. The answers have always been there, waiting for us to stumble onto them.