There’s So Much Going On I Can’t Pick One Topic!

There’s a lot of things abuzz in the media lately. Some useful and a lot of noise otherwise, but certain things are worthy of discussion. Did anyone go see Beasts of the Southern Wild yet? Or buy a ticket to support it? Despite its limited release people are raving about it.

There are a few things I thought would be of interest to you faithful readers of AOFB (thanks) and some people have discussed them first of so eloquently I’d rather just send you to their forums and link here.

Rutina Wesley as Pulsar? Me likey!!!!! The Avengers movie did so well but certain characters they featured were more than a little meh to me. Remember we’re about 35% of the entire box office yet we don’t use our clout to make the decision-making process worth for us.  Forget racism and be pragmatic. Nobody’s going to voluntarily give up any power. Assuming automatic black loyalty based on race has already been debunked. Support those who support you and drop the rest. They’ll get the hint quickly.

I’m a huge fan of Rutina’s and want to see her in better roles. With her dance background and Julliard pedigree she hasn’t had a project that fully utilizes her talents. I had to just say no to True Blood after they had her raped, kidnapped and running around on a vampire plantation. I hear that her character is now a vampire herself, so I might take a peek. Maybe.

It seems there’s a debate brewing based on whether an actress covering the latest issue of Essence magazine is an accurate representation of black women. Well, if you read this forum you’ve been actively encouraged to purge ALL nonsensical and harmful media junk out of your life. We’ve discussed all of the reasons why the Essence magazine of our mother’s generation is long gone and what’s left is a decidedly ANTI-black woman MESSence.

Yet, many of you choose to keep supporting it because it’s “black”. Even though it’s not black-owned and was never truly controlled by black women. But like all of those other media gangstas that take your dollars you give them and the ones to come, many of you will still choose to partake in the candy-flavored poison. While I won’t be there with you, I will still encourage you to take the red pill and get out of the Matrix while you still have time.

One positive aspect of said “debate” is the debate itself. So somebody is railing against the othering of black women into last-place status in society. Great! Yet, certain (dysfunctional) black-oriented media STAYS focused on normalizing destructive, abnormal behavior that has already been proven to be more harmful than any external “enemy”.

I expect the featured actress to defend her position of mother to multiple OOW kids with different men in exchange for staying relevant but this is about YOU. Well, actually it’s about steering future generations of girls and young women towards people, places and practices that BENEFIT them instead of those that HARM them.

When you limit your view to failed relationships and when you are the product of one and surround yourself with dysfunctional people (fame & money are nice but won’t fill the soul), it just repeats itself.

If you care you will stop feeding the negative, indulging in measures of evil and be disciplined in your focus. We’re far from perfect but as I wrote three years ago in the essay, Society Does Not Actively Support Single Motherhood (But The Black “Community” Does)” the situation has only worsened – as predicted. With one small caveat: black teenage female OOW percentages have decreased! Which means older, supposedly more wiser women are pulling a Nia Long.

Is Norway the Best Country For Working Women? Norway has the beautiful fjords, excellent public transit, is a secular society and hot guys. You be the judge.

So you mean to tell me Wayne Brady (another chuckle-head with a complex) doesn’t feel man-enough? There’s a conversation going on at the Betty Chambers blog evaluating this. Playing with balls, singing about sex, whining to the press. I’m so oppressed! Or hijacking the work of lesser-known black women creators. Ok. Just another day in the life of “Black Love 2012”.  Oh, but he seems so nice. Scratch beneath the surface. Put on your vetting caps. Put yourself first. Or else. I will direct you to DBR Alert: Every Black Male Is Guilty. The exceptions really do stand out, but to assume because someone has not yet revealed the same unexamined pathologies we see spewing from others is a costly mistake.

Did you know the thin on plot but heavy on half-naked male lusciousness that is the movie Magic Mike was being marketed to gay men? And here I thought that was Fassy’s new nickname. Gasp! It is 2012. Anderson Cooper publicly announced his gaydom. Are you surprised? He loves Janet Jackson. And I mean LOVES her. Hello. Don’t the hetero women have 50 Shades of Grey? The boys need something to look at, too!

It’s ironic – not – how some white feminists are all agog over some statements on sexism made by craptastic plastic Nicki Minaj. Is she a rapper, cartoon, buffoon or puppet? I don’t really care, but I do care about her negative media representation of black women AND her racio-misogynistic songs referencing black women. Those feminists sure are silent about that.  We’ve discussed the Economics of Feminism. Justice vs. Just-Us. Again. Allies must PROVE themselves. Often. Consistently. Are you an ally or opportunist?

Oh yeah…and there’s an election coming up and the black unemployment rate just shot up again. I wonder what the African-Americans For Obama group will offer in response to that? IF the President is every actually questioned about it? Pew surveyed a mere 2,000 folks to conclude they’re feeling a little disgruntled. It’s too hot, many are without power, the attack ads are annoying and they’re wondering where’s the relief?

Congrats to Olympian Gymnastic competitors Gabrielle Douglas and Elizabeth Price (click on the links to their websites) who are both headed to London! Can we say Gold-Medalist? In my youth, because I was naturally so flexible I dreamed of the Double Bars and Round-Offs but it’s a rather expensive sport. Kudos to all the parents who are willing and able to support the nurturing of their children and their aspirations. Speaking of, I’m sending a shout-out to one of my Facebook friends Arhemia, whose daughter just qualified for the Junior Olympics at the tender age of six in Track & Field. Look out world!

In case you haven’t heard Serena Williams has claimed her latest Wimbledon title. She and big sis Venus also won their Doubles match. I think many folks forget the amount of sacrifice and dedication it takes to be excellent and STAY in the game. Natural ability won’t keep you at the top of the podium. Hard work and perseverance with a little luck will. David J. Leonard wrote an excellent piece, Serena Williams: Ain’t I A Champion covering this very topic at the New Black Man blog.

Oh and before I forget, Google has announced Legalize Love an initiative in support of same gender marriage around the world. So, does that mean Google is not a secret branch of the CIA or is this a stealth way of toppling governments that oppose it?  Can they one-up the military with their questionable studies on black woman trauma survival superstrength and push for a new social and political agenda instead?

I wrote this mini-post about trusting in God and the Universe on the blog Facebook page yesterday:

TRUST is my new life philosophy. That may seem so obvious, but something clicked for me a week ago and I made a CONSCIOUS decision to feel secure despite any appearance to the contrary and let go. Things got more tense – not better. Everything is up for grabs and I have NO IDEA what’s going on or how to respond. Yet, because things have gone in a particular direction and I’m still “here” I’ve come to realize that all expectations must fall away as well. So I am being still, doing my part, reminding myself to be grateful, being patient, reminding myself of all of this AGAIN because I’m a worrying control-freak and EXHALING anyway. We’ll see what unfolds.

I have more to say on the subject, but don’t like discussing details of my private life in a public forum. I will say this, having written about and trying to live the philosophy of free agency and self-respect is a challenging path to walk. Especially when you’re trying to do so ethically. Knowledge bears a certain weight and can be burdensome to navigate. Fear is a constant companion. Awakening to new beginnings is like growing a new body part overnight. What you do with this ‘awareness’, how do you incorporate it? What about the people around you….that you have to leave behind? How do you get back up after falling a few times…or being knocked down? What if you believed the net would appear…and it didn’t? These are all valid inquiries with no “correct” answers.

But I will be glad. Even if I don’t figure everything out. Even if other people are disappointed in me. Even if said disappointment is a control mechanism to get me to conform to a lesser-than life. Even if I get frustrated. Even if I make a few U-Turns. There’s still gold waiting for me at the end of the rainbow. Which comes after the storms have passed.

What news has you in rapture or pity?

Have a great week everyone! 

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  1. Woo!, BW comic book heroines! I hate to say it (i really do, since the BC has used racio misogyny to separate BW) but I'm really glad they got a fully black looking woman. I always feel like I'm somehow discriminating against mixed/light BW when I actively prefer BW who look more like me now instead of just passively accepting the constant exclusion of full black looking women. Rutina's character on True Blood was written as a stereotypical angry black woman, so it didn't do much for me. I mean seriously, do Charlain Harris or Alan Ball have any BW friends? *eyeroll* The main character of the show ,Sookie ,is a typical Mary Sue (average WW praised as perfect beyond all reason) who everybody LOVES for her "strength" and "uniqueness" . I'm beyond tired of seeing talented BW playing sidekicks to Mary Sue characters, so I'm looking forward to seeing her as Pulsar. I left a comment about Wayne Brady on Golden Ahs site. I'm gonna seriously start looking into Norway now!

    1. There's nothing wrong with preferring to see the images of visibly black women. The denial of that and the 2nd guessing about being 'accommodating' to lighter, brighter, ambiguous or 'exotic' black(ish) women is part and parcel Blackistan propaganda brainwashing. It encourages us to actively participate in our erasure. As much as I want BW to marry out, I'm keenly aware many will happily support setting aside their children's blackness the same way they are being denigrated for it now. I stan hard for Norway mostly because it's a gorgeous, wealthy and stable country. But it is expensive and they don't support bi-lingual everything to cater to immigrants. Norsk is NOT an easy language either. That hasn't deterred me yet!

  2. The *excitement* in your title made me smile! :). I’ll be reading this in pieces, though.

  3. "Congrats to Olympian Gymnastic competitors Gabrielle Douglas and Elizabeth Price (click on the links to their websites) who are both headed to London!"

    YAY! And I don't mean to sound prejudice, but it's nice that they are brownskinned girls, who cannot be mistaken for being mixed or biracial. Hope they do well this Summer. And good for Serena too. I know she's not popular among some Black men for dating interracially from time to time. lol!

    1. Like we care what some random ‘brotha’ thinks. They’re the ones dogging her out based on her features.She dated Common that’s enough with the DBRs.

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