There’s Nothing Quite Like a Fair Weather Friend

I am continuing my theme of all the Black people who are acting like they were in the tank for Obama all along – except (when) they weren’t! Everybody loves a winner!! I’ll keep adding more names and videos as they get posted. Rejoice now (Johnny Come Lately supporters) but if I were Obama I’d offer a handshake from afar lest I ended up shanked! But he’s so magnanimous he said he’d be the President for all those that didn’t support him as well. He’s a better person than I’d be. I guess that’s why HE WON!!!! 
Magic Johnson
Did your hedge fund deal not pan out with Ron Burkle? Whassup?! 
It runs from 7:20-11:04.
Vernon Jordan 
BFF of Bill Clinton. Not certain if it’s reciprocated or not. He’s got a book to promote after all. CYA. CYA. CYA. All the way. 

Jesse Jackson, Sr.
OMG! How could I have forgotten about him? Well, I wasn’t gonna bother. He was crying like a baby with Oprah and them. How could we ever forget that hot mic on Fox though. I guess Obama’s Father’s Day speech where he merely suggested that all men take responsibility for their children was just too much. Ahhhhh let’s recap for giggles!  

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