The Thing You Deniers & Enablers Fail To Understand Is That DBR Black Males Cannot Restrain Their Damaged Behavior

I had to write about another recent incident related to the dissemination of hateful messaging if only to contrast how certain poisons are tolerated and excused while others are not. I’d been waiting to find out whether the idiot in question had been fired, but it seems he’s been sent on a humiliation tour for the time being while his fate is being decided.

This is going to be one of the last times I’m going to focus on these types of individuals as I’ve already covered their behavior extensively. I do see merit in reiterating how lowered standards across the board are far more damaging to society and the collective than people may initially realize. It’s something to observe and take note of.

Just A Friendly Suggestion To White ‘Liberals’: It’s Time To Drop “Down-Trodden Black Male” From Your Vocabulary

I was out enjoying the weather on a balmy Saturday evening when I noticed Don Lemon on CNN with what looked like a breaking story of importance. The cafe I was in had a large flatscreen but the volume was turned off. I stopped for a minute to find out what was going on wondering, “What now?”.

Was it another tornado, another bid Laden, another missing child or were they announcing the Rapture had begun?


It was some idiot black male comedian in hot water for gay bashing.

Who it was doesn’t matter, though it’s Tracy Morgan and I understand some people really like the show he’s starring on, 30 Rock. Oh well. [Or as the kids like to say – Kanye Shrug]

I went on Twitter for a few minutes and left this message:

Here I am out having a pleasant evening and I pass a cafe with CNN on to hear Tracy Morgan went on an anti-gay bender. And….?

Hasn’t he been saying hateful, stupid things mmm about black women for a while? And acting a fool? I’m sure it’s the alcohol talking, right?

Except in this case there WILL be repercussions.

Here’s the thing people need to realize:

Morgan – like most other black male comedians, actors, political pundits, cultural theorists, journalists, convicts, college students, rappers and pontificators regularly engage in bashing others.

The only difference is the object of their bashing is typically black women.

Make no mistake about it though, their behavior and nature to be destructive is inherent. Meaning: what they do to black women they will do to everyone else.

So don’t be remotely surprised. That’s a check you can take to the bank. A stock that will mature and pay out well. It’s only a matter of time.

I’ve watched with a certain curiosity how Tina Fey has publicly gone to bat for Morgan several times. Ignoring his actions against hmm, us because well it didn’t usually include anyone like her.

In much the way many white women have rushed to defend Roman Polanski and continue to support Woody Allen because….actually WHY would any woman with standards of behavior defend a child rapist and a guy who married a woman raised as his daughter? Perhaps some of the same ones who are giving Morgan Freeman a pass I suppose.

Moving along, the larger issue is this: when you turn a blind eye to any injustice, you’ve allowed room for some major fallout stemming from further denigration that is certain.

Of course the LGBT community as a whole isn’t going to sit by idly and let someone run off at the mouth. Definitely not a black male! Morgan is on a public apology tour right now. We’ll see if it’s enough for him to hold on to his job.

He can blame it on alcohol, mental problems, stress or a slip of the tongue but the point is he’s not going to get away with it. These males are emboldened by the way they’ve been allowed to trash black women for the past two decades to the point where they think the rest of the world operates the way the black community does in giving them not only a pass, but a chair and a helping hand in brushing their filth under the rug.

So, I guess you could say if I lower my NigNore protective shield to observe the scorched earth left behind in their wake, I see the lines have moved from one side of street to your neck of the woods. You’d better put up a fire wall!

There Are Plenty Of Non-Black DBR Males, But Other Groups Don’t Feed The Gremlins

  • That hack Shatoki whateverhisnameis who’s been spewing quack science to support his racial inferiority theories with explicit support by LSE and Psychology Today.
  • That Man-Child Charlie Sheen with his hooker-loving, substance abusing, Peter Pan ways. With a dose of violence.
  • John Mayer. The Fake Good Boy Next Door. Hipster Misogynist. Sexual Napalm indeed.

I’m sure y’all could come up with a few more examples. Newt Gingrich, etc. The difference is, those men are representative of a small percentage of the overall population within their groups. Black male DBRs are the MAJORITY.

Of course, smarter men looking at maintaining dominance for their group are silently observing the behavior of younger males who promote casual sex as it will negatively impact their daughters. They will step in, in a much bigger way should their group’s status erode further.

Water is wet you know. I’ve noticed how one black male decided to go to a women’s forum to pontificate about how damaging a certain [c]rap artist is. What about the rest of them? It’s some empty rhetoric that won’t get to, let alone resolve the core issues. It’s another example of noticing the building is on fire after we’ve been urging others to flee for some time now. BWE bandwagon jumping, for hand claps and back slaps I suppose. Do not rely on them to do anything beyond talking.

So, if you insist on supporting your Negro Male (Pet) Project and attaching yourselves to them by friendship, marriage, employment, etc. BE PREPARED FOR WHEN IT ALL BLOWS UP IN YOUR FACE! Directly or Indirectly.

I could say you’re getting exactly what you deserve….but I won’t. I understand there may be some confusion because the majority of black women excuse their defamation. It’s called indoctrination folks. Stockholm Syndrome. Live and learn. Or as Morpheus said to Neo, “Welcome to the real world.”

My advice: have an exit plan in place and a parachute ready at all times.

5 Replies to “The Thing You Deniers & Enablers Fail To Understand Is That DBR Black Males Cannot Restrain Their Damaged Behavior”

  1. I always say, what you are used to doing in your own backyard you will bring out onto the street. I've never been a fan of TM and it doesnt's surprise me that he eventually went too far and said the wrong thing publically. Eventualy his ego would decieve him into thinking it was "safe" to say what he wants because everyone "likes" him. After all, he's had plenty of practice, in the past, getting away with it for many years in the black community circuit. I've heard many BM comedians brag that black comedy is about saying controversal, politically incorrect things and of course respecting no one.

  2. excellent post as usual.
    And thank you for pointing out folks hypocrisy in regards to turning the blind eye when other people are victimized.I hope people are reading this and taking it to heart.

    You:"when you turn a blind eye to any injustice, you’ve allowed room for some major fallout stemming from further denigration that is certain."

    Me:I agree with this but my personal issue with this is it seems that I'm always in a position where I am passing by and witnessing some injustice happen to someone else.I don't even hang out in bad areas, just business districts.My problem is I still sometimes question if or when I should get involved.Sometimes I think of saying or doing something when I witness someone being belittled but I'm guilty of thinking "would the person I'm thinking of standing up for do the same for me?".Because I am a black woman,unmixed btw,I oftentimes think certain individuals would not come to my rescue.So I grapple with playing superman or just letting folks be.There are of course more extreme cases where I know to call the police or do something but other times I watch people being verbally harassed and I really don't know what to do.

    Not looking for answers from you here,I just wanted to state that the effect some people's hypocrisy,i.e turning the blind eye when black men do bad things to black girls and women, has had on me personally is me sometimes not wanting to be helpful or finding it somewhat difficult to feel compassion or sympathize with them in their time of trouble.I feel really bad about it because I was kinda taught to be a good person and being good meant looking out for my own well being as well as the well being of other innocent people.I feel the worse feeling ever when watching somebody bothering or harassing someone and the very first thought that comes to mind is "I probably should say or do something but would they help ME." It sucks…

    1. Well, don't do anything that puts you in danger! I'm referring to people who are selective in their outrage and being hypocritical, not any type of Sista Soldiering!

  3. I'll take Boyce Watkins seriously when he goes to other black males directly and they address racio-misogyny.

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