The Sheer Joy Of Good Coffee!

Yes, there is an art and a science to roasting and brewing coffee. Think of it as the other end of the geek/nerd spectrum. If you’ve had the pleasure of understanding the origins and preparation of coffee beans into a cup, then you’ve experienced pure bliss. Did you know the color of your mug enhances the taste of what you drink? Orange or cream is the best.

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      1. Almost but thanks for asking my darling: ) I still want to study for a Masters in International Management/ Entrepreneurship on a part time basis afterwards though : )

        1. Wow and keep up the good work!! Which I'm sure you will :)! Has the UK economy abated at all, or are those austerity measures enacted by your PM still negatively impacting residents? I read this article last week… and am duly appalled. They barely arrest people in the US who actually threaten Obama and have guns, so why be so harsh to a woman confined to a wheelchair?

          1. Sorry the link to that story doesn’t show that story :-!

            But austerity will be in the UK until the next boom which should be in 2018! The UK of today is really stupid; this is NOT the UK of 30 years ago. They change laws over here and apply them in such a ‘blanket’ fashion that they don’t care or think about how the good or the halfway decent people will get taken down with the bad.

  1. Yummy! I love french vanilla coffee! It's my absolute fav. I also agree that there is a such thing as coffee culture. I think it would be cool if they had "high coffee" culture like they do for tea culture.

    1. Well, there are coffee sommeliers as with wine so I can imagine roasting techniques come into play for coffee die-hards in defining their palates..

  2. A good cup of coffee is sublime! I recommend Hacienda San Pedro coffee (from Jayuya, Puerto Rico). You can drink it without any help (cream/milk/sugar) which is good for the waistline 🙂

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