The Root = Essence = BET= Tyler Perry = Death To Black Women

Yes, it is that serious!

It’s 2011 and we don’t have any more time for beating around the bush. So let’s continue to state the obvious. Some of you are still supporting your defamers and denigrators. Any entity framed around the diseased thinking of the DBR black male is of no use to black women. If you are genuinely in support of black women living the most fulfilling lives then you have to walk the talk. Oh, but some of this defamation doesn’t impact you directly – or so you may think.

I want to piggyback off of Halima’s post where she asks this very question. We know that Satan’s Entertainment Network (BET) is just as deadly as the cable “news” shows who employ unrepentant racists and misogynists as their lead correspondents and contributors. They whip up easily swayed people into a frenzy, polarize the way people interact and watch as a few “loose cannons” enact their ultimate agenda, washing their hands of the entire orchestration as if it occurred in a vacuum.

Likewise, these media entities employ their propaganda messaging in service to black male distortion and continually pump out a false message. It’s so much worse than being sucked into the Vortex of Coonery™. It’s a systematic war for the minds of what’s left of the dead and decaying black community. It’s killing our black girls and permanently warps enumerable black women. Which in turn fuels their death spiral in clinging to those who are so clearly their enemy while attacking any black woman who points this out to them in an attempt to get them to free themselves. It’s pretty twisted!

We already know (m)Essence magazine is a death trap of dysfunction. I write this even as I know some individual women who are working there are decent. That doesn’t mean I have to support its upkeep though. We know Tyler Perry has many issues combining his competitiveness with and contempt of black women. Therapy Tyler no more craptastic movies and plays!!!

I’m specifically mentioning The Root because I know many black women are reading the self-proclaimed, “black perspective of the news”. BLACK PERSPECTIVE is a big honking RED FLAG to me and should be to you as well.


The BLACK PERSPECTIVE is fueled by blaming others and never takes any responsibility for its own diseased thinking.

The BLACK PERSPECTIVE has caused the DEATH of the black collective.


Besides, I’ve already covered how The Root was a gift by the so-called white liberal elite to Skippy Gates for being such a good part-Negro Pet. He HATES WHO HE IS with his celebration of his 54% European ancestry and was perfectly content talking “black” but living “white”. That is until he lost it over a white cop darkening (hehehe) his door. I don’t care about his self-esteem. That’s his problem. I do care about his lack of support of black women.

You may also recall I had an online drive-by with a (now former) writer for The Root who had a book he was hoping to sell to you while publicly denigrating you every chance he got while under their employ. There are black women in positions of authority at The Root by the way so it can’t be solely blamed on black males either. We have also witnessed how so many are eager to slit their own throats (and yours) to be in service to male interests.

When a commenter at Halima’s blog left a link to the one of their attacks against black women – by a white female “liberal” no less – it dawned on me that a specific warning alarm needed to be raised. This “professional” claims black males should get daddy hazard pay as the burdens of unwanted pregnancies was damaging to them. As for the mother and child? Eh, they’re only a black woman and black child so apparently they don’t count for much. It’s ALL ABOUT THE “HELPLESS” BLACK MALE. He can’t possibly take any responsibility for his actions. He needs some kindly government program to intervene on his behalf.

What if you don’t want to eat your veggies? What if you don’t show up for work on time? What if you put your hand over an open flame? People want to argue about eugenics, abortion and the inherent racism from some of the 1st & 2nd wave feminists? Yet they still expect black women to carry the burdens for self and community?! Of course it’s so typical to deploy OUTSIDERS and EXCUSERS/DENIERS to promote this crap! Will there be a movement from these same Flat Earth Theorists trumpeting the abandonment of WHITE WOMEN AND THEIR CHILDREN if some WHITE MALES don’t want the responsibility. Magic 8 Ball Says: Of course not!




Since they’ve decided to ramp up their defamation and foolishness against black women, we need to correctly identify it and respond (but not remain mired in it). Stop supporting those that HATE you! Stop reading, watching, listening to and talking about ALL of the MESS producers and providing them revenue to use in battle against you. As I’ve written previously in regards to (m)Essence, don’t argue with them just let them wither into the ether when you withdraw your financial support. No one who actually likes black women would tell you to choose mentally unstable, ethically challenged and deviant males as your “natural” mates consistently. They’ve all had ample time to STOP DENIGRATING YOU but they CONTINUE TO DO SO because YOU LET THEM. The Marie Antoinettes who’d leave a black woman and child to perish should be made aware that we do not take such extermination propaganda lightly. You know what to do.

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  1. No, the discussion of sexual coercion and rape is never discussed when it pertains to black women and girls. Street harassment as gendered violence is rarely addressed as well.

    My reply:

    Because the presumption is that black girls are equal players to the men who exploit them; they made choices of their own free will and the circumstances followed, ie., pregnancy, and so it is on them to deal with it, especially when the prevailing mindset is that birth control is a woman's thing only that men need not concern themselves with--"my body, my baby, my choice" is what some women have been saying for years. Except now we are now seeing the results as men saying, "yes, I have sex with her, but it is her body, her baby, her choice." It is a rotten combination when it is then used as a basis to exploit underage girls.

    The amount of agency given to underage girls in these situations is mind-boggling. But society for a long time has supported the right of teenage girls to exercise their sexuality, as long as they are "careful," but what about those who are too immature, needy or vulnerable?

    1. PVW: Thanks for chiming in. I do NOT like how women and girls have been held responsible for ALL of the repercussions related to sexual "freedoms". It has left many in precarious situations where even if no pregnancy or infection results, the damage to their self-esteem and how they view men takes a hit. This is why it's so important that we challenge the abdication of the negative impact. Regardless of how "free" women may be it's still a patriarchal society at the end of the day where MEN still have the distinct advantage. We must never forget that. I think this conversation ties into my Wednesday post that follows where I link to What Women Never Hear. I always want to default referencing it as What women (and girls) NEVER hear because who is this HONEST? Black grils are at particular risk for all of the various dysfunctional behavior as indicated by several BWE bloggers. Those that do have safety nets, active & engaged fathers to protect them and communities that support them are S.O.L. if they get caught without a chair when the music stops playing.

      1. You're welcome! It is true, the girls that hear the messages are those that have elders, especially effective fathers, to protect them.

        I was thinking about the "financial abortion" in the very light you mention of black women and girls being held responsible for all the freedoms.

        I hate to say it, but it seems that a fair number of black women are already living with "financial abortions," through their ignorance or misguidance, because they do the following:

        1. Have children by men out of wedlock whom they don't like, respect, or whom they even fear, and so they refuse to put the men's name on the birth certificate, which means it will be more difficult to get child support.

        2. Become pregnant out of wedlock and then out of guilt (my body, he's not responsible), don't pursue paternity proceedings (if the father won't acknowledge paternity and doesn't want the child), thus, no father's name on the birth certificate, thus no child support.

        3. Even when there is a father's name on the birth certificate, refuse to ask for child support, again out of guilt (he can't afford it, he didn't want to be a father),

        etc., etc.

        1. Ugh! All of that is just too much dysfunction for me to even attempt to wrap my head around. That's for a paid psychiatrist to sort through. Or someone with that type of patience.

          1. Faith, regarding dysfunction in women's parenting strategies…

            My reply:

            But do enough black people recognize any need for mental health care, much less to even get the mental health care they need?

          2. We already know they don't. Far too many are focused on "giving it to God" or "praying on it" which is certainly a helpful component but does not address the core issues at hand or develop a strategy for resolving them.

  2. Unfortunately alot of BW refuse to believe this. They LOVE LOVE LOVE Tyler Perry and Messence, etc. I think at some point there will be a divide between the midset of BW. The ones who got it and the ones who don't. Unfortunately there are SO MANY that don't get it…or just don't want to. I'm so happy for blogs like this. Faith keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Tracy! This is the progressive, logical conclusion once black women free their minds and start recognizing the Agents sent to destroy them as well as those still tethered to the Matrix. I'm also glad you touched on the pending divide. Well, there is already a divide but it will be much more pronounced as more BW get out! I do believe the continued phase for making sure we stay centered is to address the bottom line and how all of this "media" is solely focused on keeping BW and BG crippled. I have two more posts I'm working on that will cover this.

  3. Not to mention most of them have been targeted by predatory older males who should be in jail anyway (if they weren't already there to begin with).

    Indeed faith, did the fact that many of these men are commiting statutory rape feature in the analysis? I couldnt even bother to read it, but i am guessing not, as you have noted, bw need not apply to be treated with normal love & protection.

    you know each day i resent our older sisters and aunts more and more for placing us in this precarious situation by not having the courage to say enough is enough and thus condeming the next generation of black girls to hell (because for sure we are not going to be able to rescue near enough of these ones that are surrounded on everyside by wolves).

    1. No, the discussion of sexual coercion and rape is never discussed when it pertains to black women and girls. Street harassment as gendered violence is rarely addressed as well. Certain males still think there's nothing wrong with "holla -- ing" at a young girl. I have to wonder how many more BW were going to speak up considering all the other upheaval going on and the broken promises regarding Civil Rights/Colonialism worldwide. Zora Neale Hurston was warning us back in the 1930's. Toni Morrison and Alice Walker have written literary classics detailing the abuse of BW by BM. Pearl Cleage wrote Mad At Miles exposing his misogyny. Were there not enough voices or were we simply NOT listening? Regardless…we can't change the past and as you know we're not just trying to employ corrective measures. We are also having to address other BW fighting us, undermining us and not protecting each other. I know I have done my part though. As have you and others. Younger women will also need to step forward boldly and carry on these efforts as well as simply living well and leading by example.

  4. It's just really sad that a woman researcher came up with this bright idea to basically void men of any responsibility for their actions. It takes two people to make a baby.

    They want to site the lack of money as the main reason for dead beat dads, when the truth is that low income has nothing to do with a moral responsibility to be there for a child. And this is coming from me, a young woman who grew up in a single parent home and who has an older brother who spends little to zero time with his son but always finds the time to run around town in the middle of the night, talking to numerous women about getting them pregnant as well.


    1. Had to continue in a different post!

      She also doesn't take into account the fact that this same low income teenage girl probably will face a terrible backlash in her community for going through with the procedure (where I come from, abortions are still seen as evil/bad). That and with her low income, she probably can't go somewhere to have an abortion safely without fearing for her well being. And I guarantee if this girl got pregnant, then she is probably surrounded by other ignorant young girls who made the same decision who want her to keep the baby as well. All the risk still falls on the young women in these situations.

      So, sorry enablers, the government is right on this one

      1. I really feel for these young girls who are being set up to fail across the board. Their images are assaulted, they're being brainwashed to accept dirt and then told it's all their fault. Not to mention most of them have been targeted by predatory older males who should be in jail anyway (if they weren't already there to begin with). Black women and girls need to know they have options as many options as there are stars and we must keep pressing forth this message to make a tiny dent in the onslaught that's so damaging.

  5. I wholeheartedly agree we need to quietly stop supporting organizations, entertainers and representatives who clearly don't have BW best interest at heart. Their slow-to-non reaction to No Wedding No Womb! was evidence of their apathy. It was a very disheartening eye-opener for me.

    1. Welcome to reality! The support of massive OOW for BLACK WOMEN only is part of the genocide tactic that rivals the eugenics arguments some black people like to throw around with (fake) outrage. This is far worse!

  6. I was the one who posted that link on Halima's site, and even I didn't really "get it" until that discussion (and yours further cements it).

    Every time I read a "black" news site, the perspectives are so warped that it makes me nauseous. I don't deliberately seek out such material, but I'll often be on Facebook and see a friend link to something that sounds interesting based on the title, but then when I read it, it's utter garbage.

    These are not the gossip and celebrity-oriented black sites that I abandoned long time ago, which makes it even worse. These are sites that attempt to portray themselves as genuine news sources, but many of the stories they choose to publish get absolutely NO play in most mainstream sites, and the so-called "experts" quoted have NO audience outside the black community.

    Any type of article about black men and economic struggles, for example, ALWAYS mentions how BM are "burdened" by "draconian" child support laws. "Experts" — whether black or white or other — will talk about a need to "reform" the system, but NEVER EVER EVER is the statement that said black men should be taught when they're young to NOT have kids they cannot support even uttered… never mind suggesting that said men should wait to have children after marriage with their wives, like most functioning males are expected to do.

    If you read a mainstream news site, the commentors — although sometimes racist and rude — will ALWAYS point out that the black man being featured didn't have to be in that situation, but he chose to leave school, chose to be a petty criminal, chose to have multiple children with multiple women, etc., and that he needs to be more accountable for his actions.

    And don't even get me started the black relationships articles… even on sites that encourage marriage, they have no problem talking acting like it's no big deal if couples have a child, as long as they eventually (whatever that means) go ahead and get married.

    So yeah, black news sites are dead to me.

    1. So apparently the internet ate my reply to you. Basically I said we need to recognize the mass propaganda at play for any and all conversations related to "black" people -- I'm speaking of the US mostly but it applies across the board. Black women need not apply or be considered worthy of normal love & protection. Black males are never responsible and are always victims. Black women are somehow superwomen and harpies who control our own destiny and everything is somehow our fault for not being enough or doing enough. White women are the only ones oppressed. All related "media" critical studies, think tanks and medical opinions are based on upholding this imbalance. Now that we know we're stuck in the middle opposed by those who protect the interests of whites on one side and black males on the other it becomes even more apparent why we as black women need to nurture ourselves, get a shot of cold air from the gaslighting, don't look back and move on. It's not just the "entertainment" sites. It's across the board. And now Ariana Huffington & Sheila Johnson are starting a new black online forum for more nonsense at our expense for their profit. I really hope black women Just.Say.No so it's a flop and that they will also stop reading the other sites and so-called "news" and "information" forums as well.

    2. Lisa99,

      I 100% co-sign. Nonblacks know that what self-described "Black news" media are peddling is poisonous, worthless slop. Slop that is not fit for consumption by anybody they value, such as themselves and anybody from their collective.

      What more AA women need to understand is that any and all self-described "Black news" = Fox News. Fox "News" is dedicated to destructive, dishonest, and racist right-wing ideology. In a similar manner, self-described "Black news" outlets are totally illegitimate, dishonest, and dedicated to BW's and Black girls' destruction.

      The other thing more of us need to understand is that many (if not most) "serious" AA scholars, academics (with help from White liberals), clergy, and Black journalists are also part of this anti-BW, genocidal cabal. Just like the more obvious (c)rappers.

      Prof. Henry "Skip" Gates = Skin-Shade Racist, Anti-BW (C)rappers = Chris "Savage Brute & Woman Beater" Brown = Bishop Thomas "Woman Beater" Weeks = Jimi Izrael, etc.

      1. I wanted to address one name you mentioned in particular: Izrael. For some will claim that because he assisted with No Wedding No Womb how can he possibly be anti-BW? I had to deal with him at this forum when I "outed" him as a racio-misogynist when he was promoting his "BW ain't **** dating guide" where he used a famous BM actor's name as part of the title. To continue faking the funk he actually went trolling through my Twitter follow list to undermine the work at this forum with some WW liberals. I know this because one of them immediately called to warn me and she had to tell him to sit down in the corner somewhere. I really don't want to give him any more attention than he deserves, but I do think adding context of his history (readers are also free to go to What About Our Daughters and view the archive there) along with others (I've discussed Skippy Gates in detail) is helpful to understand what we're talking about. Many BW have been warning us about the mistreatment and abuse for a long time: Zora Neale Hurston "BW is mule of the world"; Pearl Cleage wrote "Mad At Miles" and we can even look to The Color Purple. Who was listening? Basically, everyone should be vetted and no one should automatically be trusted with anything they say in relation to blacks, the black community and definitely not black women UNLESS they have an established, proven track record of doing tangible things that have elevated the collective of black women and their interests outside of the racial arguments . You'll be hunting and pecking for quite a while by the way….

        1. Faith,

          I'm happy you mentioned that last individual's (I won't say the name anymore—chuckling) body of work regarding BW. Including his foul actions in regard to your forum.

          A single moldy crumb that somebody tosses BW's way (while in pursuit of their own separate agenda) does NOT make up for the other anti-BW things they're doing with the rest of the time!

          1. It has become what I have suspected all along: the oppressed have now become the oppressors!

            IMO this is worse than the external racism that AA's have dealt with because when you have a same-race/culture group of folk destrying each that is how you can eliminate that group that much quicker.

          2. Black males have been oppressing black women since Day One. Men have been oppressing women since Day One as well. The difference is in how many other men step in to temper the behavior and avoid any mass escalation of denigration and violence to protect their overall interests. That has not happened with the black collective (worldwide), hence why blacks are worse off than ever as a group.

  7. I started to skim the comments of that train wreck of an article but immediately had to stop. Its like any comment section of a "black" website, the women are thrown under bus after bus. One actually started with the author speaking of 'so many men already trapped by women and the system'. Lets all invest in a yacht and get out of dodge as a group then watch the society crumble with the whipping boys(bw) a missin'.

    1. Thanks for your reply. I'll be discussing how black women are being thrown under the bus by so-called white "liberals" who equate black with male alone. Of course we bear some responsibility for constantly fighting white hegemony instead of promoting our own interests but the propaganda that has brainwashed the collective of BW to self-sacrifice is powerful. That's why we're tearing it down little by little by analysis such as this, a call for a new BW-centric "feminism" and informing BW we have options that include other things besides propping up the dead black community.

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