The Process Of Building Faith, Hope, Love & Trust

Thank you to the awesome women who’ve connected via social media. So many reached out to offer kind words, encouragement and practical solutions when I wrote about an issue I’m trying to resolve.

On a separate (but cohesive) note, I’ve been exploring the connection between Mind/Body/Spirit  but haven’t quite  come to terms with what being “positive” really means (as opposed to magical thinking and shirking responsibility), how to create an effective and  satisfactory spiritual practice and what I’ll call “Life Accessibility” to achieve a measurable happiness threshold.

I’m still working on these concepts, but suffice it to say it’s all tied to higher quality living and gathering the courage to do it – and be it! So, I’m thinking the flip side of faith is trust. Perhaps trust is the engine that drives faith. I’m exploring Nouk Sanchez. Here’s an excerpt from The End of Death:

We can’t will with God fully until we have begun the process of exhuming our unconscious fears of God; our distrust in God.

The problem that many face  is lack of faith and trust. By this I mean faith and trust in God’s Love exclusively.

There are two fundamental areas in our perception that require attention before we can establish sufficient trust in God’s miracles. The first is to learn the undeniable difference between God’s Will and the ego’s.

And the second is to begin the process of exposing and releasing our own unconscious means of self-attack which is our deep unworthiness and how we have unknowingly used others, our body, the past, and the world to self-sabotage.

As you know, I don’t have answers. There are many religions available and we have to use what we connect with best. I’m asking questions and sharing the journey so we can all walk our own path to fulfillment. I hope you find it useful  and will pass it along.