The Next Steps In Creating The Change You Want To See

This is going to be a shockingly brief (for me) post. Some folks think Viola Davis wuz robbed of an Oscar for The Mammy Chronicles, but many of these non-critical thinkers actually dismiss the bigger picture in assuming she was just playing a maid. Besides, Octavia Spencer filled the Mammy persona/fat acceptance/othering of black women very nicely. You still don’t think all that “praise” of her presenting “real women” was for our collective benefit do you? When Melissa McCarthy was right there on the red carpet, too?

Meanwhile the political feminists/anti-feminine brigade stayed complaining about how “oppressed” the white women were because they had to go to an exclusive event seen by millions where they got to wear fresh-off-the-runway gowns, were loaned million dollar jewelry, got insanely expensive free gifts and had access to some of the world’s wealthiest and connected people. Hardship galore!

All I heard from most of these women using social media to vent was how those women lacked prestige and position. Not enough women directors or acting roles – this despite the fact women studio heads are making these decisions as well. Meanwhile they never disclose their own privilege, or the fact their oppressed sisters are eerily coming from very similar backgrounds, how insular their hierarchy is and how they’ve been bestowed platforms from which to speak in the first place. When they’re not appropriating and choosing a very narrow definition of oppression. 

I get the larger argument, but the players are often guilty of a similar coercion. No, Angelina Jolie does not need an assist. Her directorial debut bombed, but she’s still the highest paid actress in Hollywood. She rolled up right before the start of the Oscars, with Brad in tow and literally struck a pose. It was all the buzz. Her stock remains solid.


Meryl Streep had Harvey Weinstein, her Academy peers and community at large backing her third Oscar win. It’s called an infrastructure. Black actresses (and black women at large) have mass denigration and active abandonment by other blacks. Some of the same indoctrinated, self-hating and gender misogynists who also think encouraging black women to support a person, project or community that gives nothing in return is normal – and mandatory.

We all know if Viola doesn’t have non-stereotypical lead roles already lined up, her stock is already sinking. Not looking like Halle Berry doesn’t have anything to do with it. If Davis is waiting for the right project to come along, she’ll be waiting for a while. The key is in creating projects and finding appropriate partnerships.

We need more non-color racist, non-defeatest creators to generate and follow through on projects. Many are being called, but only a few will answer. Everyone can still offer support though, via Crowdfunding projects and finding a creative collective.

Then there’s the just-announced YouTube Your Film Festival. Opportunities ARE PLENTIFUL when you’re looking in the right direction. Obstacles can be managed. Nobody said it was going to be easy! Get your mind right, don’t give up and get busy!

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  1. I agree with you that one of the primary issues BW/AAs face is a lack of infrastructure. I've come to recognize and understand this concept, over the years, by observing the pathways to success other groups take. They may not individually have much. But, they work together and provide a mechanism for each member to climb higher and, in effect, elevate the status of the group overall. The problem with AAs isn't JUST that they lack infrastructure but rather that THEY HAVE NO DESIRE TO DEVELOP ONE AT ALL. For AAs, "infrastructure" is having a network of hardworking BW to provide resources that BM can use for their own advantage and convenience. As long as BM get access to what they want, the advancement of BW is irrelevant. I'm going to return to comment later, because I'm study for an exam right now. 🙂

    1. You're correct in how the racial/ethnic self-hate and racio-misogynism [aka the war on black women and girls] has negatively impacted infrastructure building. I do see blacks forming alliances (those using social networks) of sorts. It largely involves ignoring the self-hate and gender racism. It involves labeling some blacks "good" as in those wearing blinders and often skips over AAs. It involves double-standards, silence and supporting other people's interests (i.e. white women, the latest push for having mixed/other "pseudo-blacks" represent everyone). It also involves making various excuses, supporting double-standards and the never-ending focus on white racism. The entire lack mentality esp from people who should know better. The compromise is the norm. Yet, many will still claim it's a matter of opinion. So really, this is about the small number of black women deciding to do things specifically that will benefit them, like more women overall are seeking a return to feminine-supportive environments. Good luck on your test.

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