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Watch Episode 8: On Tap.

Leave a comment. For those who have not yet been sucked into the show – you must watch. Trust me you’ll be happy you did. We must save ourselves from crappy tv. I’m trying to be as vague as possible but those who watched should understand what will follow.

Update: My thoughts on a few key plots —

I was humming “Old McDonald” under my breath at the introduction of Zack’s new girlfriend….who is black. You know Here’s a black girl, There’s a black girl, Everywhere’s a black girl. The main official characters may be the bread and butter for several obvious reasons but the addition of so many of US and not in a window-dressing way…..yah!!! I’m going to do some research on the writers and find out if we’re being represented by anyone behind the scenes where it counts, but either way they’re doing a great job with showcasing black women as intelligent (girlfriend has a 4.2 GPA), attractive, feminine and most importantly SMART!

  • Diane isn’t playing ya’ll! She went after Eli Gold as a client and dropped a bomb on him. I had to replay his jaw hitting the desk!!! Hilarious!
  • The shady Alderman using the old, “I had to step in line after white people” excuse to dismiss his criminal behavior in working with a known drug dealer. Um….yeah…whatever dude.
  • The use of viral spoof videos are so very 2010! They’re much nicer in the Funny Or Die mode versus the attack ads for commercials that most campaigns use. Clever move writers!
  • OMG the tapes!!!!! ALICIA lurves Will. She has not as of yet on camera acted that way towards Peter. So this is a wrap for me. I felt like swooning with her! She had to catch her breath she was so overwhelmed. That was cute. Now if she put her thinking cap on and realize there was a SECOND VOICEMAIL and figure out what Eli did. Didn’t Kalinda tell her to speak to Will in person? Those two and their scaredy-cat moves are going to cancel out any potential they have. If the writers don’t put them together I’m gonna be PISSED. Come on!!! Hurry up!!!


  • Becca scares the living daylights out of me. She is far too worldly, steely, not afraid of adults and cunning for someone who’s supposed to 16 years old.
  • Nice casting of Ana Gasteyer and Reiko Ayelsworth (who made Day Five of “24” the best)!
  • Ok….I want BLAKE gone. Dead. In Jail. Either one it doesn’t matter. IF YOU MESS WITH KALINDA YOU MUST SUFFER!!!!!
  • Look how the writers are trying to redeem Cary by showing his allegiance to Kalinda. I keep wondering if they ever dated. Either way he’s a good friend to have in this scenario with Blake.
  • Jackie’s going to be annoying but is she a racist, too? Or is she just giving Becca props for being just as manipulative as she is and sees a chip off the block?

We’ve got one more episode on Dec 7th before the hiatus. Any speculations?

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  1. This is only the 2nd episode I've watched. But, I must say it was good. I'm ECSTATIC to see them showing a young, nice white boy having a relationship with a young, nice (obviously) Black girl. That is nearly enough to keep me following. I'm ready to see bf-wm relationships normalized in the media the way wf-bm relationships are. I don't watch much t.v. (as I'm a student), but I will try to start keeping up with this show. It seems like it's worth it. Oh, and that guy trying to set that girl up for that crime was DEAD WRONG. What IS it between those two? On the episode I watched, it seemed that he was confronting her for being a "closet" lesbian. But, what is the source of the animus? And, what are HIS "skeletons"?

  2. * When I heard Will's voice on the tape discussing his feelings for Alicia, I pounded my fist and shouted to the rooftops, "I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!" I should have known by the heating situation at the FBI office that things were going to heat up at some point during the episode. I absolutely love the way the writers creatively keep things moving in this show.

    * Yeah, the look on Eli's face after Diane dropped the bomb was classic.

    * I am not Team Will or Team Peter; I'm Team Alicia!! It just seems as though we don't have the full story on Will. He may want to be with Alicia but does he want a life with her and her kids? Does he want kids of his own? Sometimes I think he has conjured up an Alicia fantasy inside his head and perhaps she has done the same herself in some way in regards to him.

  3. I seriously have to watch last night's episode again to be able to do this open forum justice.

    But one thing: Isn't that Becka a little manipulative witch!

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    1. I know! I hate her, hahaha. It's so obvious she wants Zack for herself but he's not interested.

      Nice to see Michael Boatman back.

  4. Hello Faith! What can I say about "The Good Wife", except this: I want to have Thanksgiving dinner with them. Seriously, I can't remember another network show where the characters were so properly introduced and then patiently and precisely developed. There are no "minor" characters; even the ones with 5 minutes of screen time pack a punch. I can't wait to see how grandma tangles with the raging hormonal teens. I have a feeling she is going to outsmart them.

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