The Cinderella Experience Is Yours

Be Like “Cindy”!!


Early readers of Acts of Faith In Love & Life will remember how well my post on re-examining the Cinderella mythos,  Cinderella: Guerilla Training Manual resonated with so many of you. I’ve debated how to expound on its theme of empowerment and due to the requirements of building this forum (not to mention my own growth and pursuit of key interests), I needed time to weigh my options.

If you go over that essay, you’ll notice how much the landscape has changed for the better since it was originally published. Which was the point!  The BWE social justice initiative was successfully integrated into the fabric of modern black society, whether it is accepted by the masses or not.  The result of which we see by the added knowledge base of individual black women choosing to expand their “realities” by increasing opportunities in higher-standard living. As well as by taking note of the infiltrators, traitors and opportunists who try to refute, misdirect or marginalize key messaging.

Going into it’s sixth year, this advocacy and teaching forum was created to empower black women/girls and educate those who care for them, want to get to know them, are raising them or love them. The focus has expanded to include matters of interest to any woman, while still offering a safe place online to review core issues and provide solutions.

Due to continued interest in my remixed and reimagined Cinderella project, while working on a few side projects I’ve been reminded to complete it. During this time disruptive technologies changed the entire landscape of the publishing industry.  I avoided signing what would have been a now-unfavorable exclusive traditional publishing deal. I want to show my due diligence in negotiating my best options – which may wind up as a split deal doing self-directed and conventional publishing.

Here’s where you come in. Pre-order the book, The Cinderella Experience. Visit the namesake website designed to appeal to young girls/women. The first 75 readers to make an advanced purchase will get a sneak peek at a completed chapter and the cover art.  Click the donate bar to the right and add $7.99. My over-thinking and multiple pitches (from graphic novel to film short) was admittedly distracting, but useful. Potential expansion won’t happen before the basic premise is executed. It was always meant to be a book before anything else. And so it is. We creatives try to scale a mountain before a wall, ha!

If you’d prefer to donate to the blog for our impending anniversary, feel free to do so instead. Thank you for your continued support!

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