The AOFB Podcast Show #1 Is Available For Download

I hosted my first episode of the Acts Of Faith Talk Show yesterday.  Bear in mind I have some kinks to work out and it’s still evolving but one thing I’ve learned is seeking perfection is an effective procrastination tool. So it’s onward and upward from here on out.

As an FYI I have a few projects I’ve been working on that I’ll follow through to completion. I’m going to start  posting chapter excerpts from the novel I’m working on in a few weeks. I’m also seeking women to interview who are using social media to reach an audience or spread a message of elevation and uplift.  

The podcast is an extension of the blog discussing ways that women can reevaluate their life goals. Some aspects to the conversation may be rudimentary for many but it’s always good to double-check a course of action for effectiveness.

The theme for this show is RENEWAL OF MIND AND SPIRIT

Getting out of the MATRIX

To get the love and SUPPORT you need

To make choices that AFFIRM you as an individual

To dismantle IDEOLOGIES that are no longer useful

To know that you can wear your hair, live anywhere, date anyone and make choices that are beneficial to you and you alone.

To not hit a certain age and feel bitter about missed opportunities and especially for the choice to NOT do things that would have made us happy because we were afraid to take a chance or seeking the approval of others

To find a self-made community of those who’ve proven themselves to be our allies and care for our well-being

To stop focusing on the care and feeding of the concept of the black community without receiving anything in return

In order to expose the indoctrination many of us need to completely blow apart what we consider to be “normal” situation if we grew up in predominantly black residential areas with regards to class and perspective. This indoctrination is intentional and deliberate and pervasive.

Tune in next week April 18th at 8pm Eastern on Talk Shoe for a continuation of the conversation about women, relationships and the influence of media (external forces) on our choices.

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