SuperBowl Media Watch

While all eyes are focused on Brady vs. Manning or whether Madonna’s Half Time performance will suck be memorable, I’m thinking about last year’s derogatory Pepsi ad that reinforced the castrating and loud stereotype of black women amongst other less than savory ads. 

I don’t think it’s a matter of if there will be an offensive ad, but a matter of who is denigrated. IF NECESSARY WE MAY NEED TO RESPOND so, it’s better to be prepared than taken aback. This is where you come into play.

By the way, I’m looking forward to Madonna’s performance.  One of the quarterbacks seems a wee bit more humble. I’ll let you guess – he’s the one not married to Giselle haha! Either way these are highly compensated athletes doing what they love, so they’re already winners regardless.

There’s no way I can catch every commercial (you can go to ad websites as well), so if you’re watching can you keep an eye out? We need to review what message about women companies are sending and if they benefit or harm us. We can’t complain if we are complicit in supporting them. Millions of people watch this game and we have every right to protect our image. Let’s be proactive. If you have any faves or cringe-worthy ads feel free to share in the Comment section. I’m sure many of you will be buzzing!! ***Update*** If you use social networking sites we’re using the hashtag #dontbuyit to keep track of our responses.

5 Replies to “SuperBowl Media Watch”

  1. i was kinda scared of what the premise was going to be when i saw there was going to be a "ms. brown, the m&m"…but then i saw the commercial and it was a RELIEF, lol!

    1. Vanessa Williams does the voiceover. I wasn't looking at the Brown M&M as being representative of black women per se.

  2. The woman on M.I.A. just HAD to give the 'finger' while Madonna played it 'safe'. (or did she) If you ask me, it seems that people on the super bowl commercials and entertainment is trying to make black women look bad. Similar to the Pepsi commercial last year and Janet Jackson years ago: I'm not the type who sees 'race in everything. I think they are seeing that many black women are exploring their options when it comes to men and dating/marrying outside: especially the dark skinned girls…just a thought

    1. Madonna may or may not have known what M.I.A. was up to. If so, it was just enough to garner a certain amount of attention that she can deny. If not, M.I.A. pays a fine.

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