Sprint Has The Best Set Of Commercials This Year With Darth Vader & Alex DeLarge

That would be actors James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell (and two of their most famous roles from Star Wars and A Clockwork Orange respectively). They basically play two old men reenacting phone calls, Facebook status updates and messages in the At Sprint, Everything’s Important campaign that is totally adorbs! I’m not a Sprint customer, but these ads are very clever. I keep seeing folks sharing at one ad I haven’t seen on my social media timelines, so I believe they’ve shot at least five and counting.

I’m sure they were offered a lot of money to do these commercials as the punch line is that it’s older male actors of a certain stature using tween social media-speak which seems incongruent to their image. Sprint was very clever in poking fun at our behavior. Who hasn’t gone out with another person to have an entire conversation with them over the phone while in the same physical location? Or sent Twitter and Facebook messages while in the next room inlieu of talking? Do they even know what they’re saying??? Hahaha!!

According to the Urban Dictionary: 

“Totes Mcgoats”
The only appropriate response for when someone asks you to do something ridiculously cool.


And on another note, the current Google Doodle (the icon on the landing page) in honor of Grace Hopper (early 1900’s Computer Science pioneer AND Navy Admiral) links back to a Code.org PSA for teaching people to code. It’s the value of learning a programming language and I loved the fact there were two teen girls featured. Check it out.

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  1. Next to the at&t commercials with the little kids the Sprint commercial with these two distinguished actors are the best.

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