Sorry, But I Just CAN'T Co-Sign Revisionist Slave Narratives

Oh and I have a few other thoughts. Like the massive EU bailout. One of Jerry Sandusky’s children accusing him of molestation. Awkward Black Girl Season Two. Twitter getting hacked again. Artificially-flavored packaged bubble-gum apple slices. How about that economy?

I think a recent schedule change has me confused about what day it is. Yup, I Thought It Was Thursday!! So ya’ll get a free-form post fresh. I do have lots of posts in-progress. I’ve banked about 10 Inspirational Quotes for example. This is not a lazy post, but it’s my bedtime (been up since 11am yesterday). Despite my near delirium after a sunrise bubble-bath, there are a couple of things worth the convo. Consider this your Open Forum. Ask questions. Share a link. Spill some tea. It’s all good.

Abe Lincoln As Paranormal Action Hero

THIS is ridiculous. The hipster version of misdirection about how Lincoln’s mother is killed by vampires. Who align with slave-holders because those enslaved are their food supply. I’ve been told the graphic novel the movie’s based on is cool. Ok then.Slay away Buffy.

While not as bad as I suspect Tarantino’s “Let’s Make A Blaxploitation Joke” of the horrors of systematic brutality will be, coupled with the direct rewriting of facts (i.e. the KKK is no longer identified as a domestic terrorist group) in schools across the country, this can’t be ignored.

I sarcastically joked the aftermath of a movie like The Help would be some “happy slave” nonsense. I’m crossing my fingers because based on casting alone Steve McQueen’s 12 Years A Slave will potentially be a game-changer.

Why not give us a Harriet Tubman meets The Matrix  biopic then? Or finally bring Octavia Butler’s Fledgling to light?   The lack of proper stories needs to be corrected.

Yeah, I know that’s not gonna happen anytime soon – if ever. In the meantime here’s Funny Or Die spoofing the ax-wielding nascent President. If he could kill vampires, why not anticipate an extremely irate actor/assassin? It’s a valid question!

11 comments to Sorry, But I Just CAN’T Co-Sign Revisionist Slave Narratives

  • Faith

    You make an interesting point about the vampires' pro-slavery stance. Not to mention Lincoln himself wasn't anti-slavery but being pragmatic about the warring factions and how their power play impacted the US. That was a trickle-down, secondary result of a larger agenda. As for the EU, Germany & France just bailed out Greece again, as well as Italy and Spain. The new Grecian gov't didn't win with a sizable margin of support. Portugal wants out. There's only so much debt a nation can carry -- look at the US and our depression that's been called everything but. Reality show escapism lasts but so long. Blacks are still betting on Obama and the typical aid organizations/safety nets everyone else looks to. There's still a LOT of wealth being generated. I'd focus on taking steps to position myself and being confident it will be done, enjoying the lessons and experiences along the journey.

  • Jae

    The plantation tradition meets Abe the vampire slayer? I WILL be saving my dollars. I also take offense to the idea of vamps being anti-black racists. I've been an avid vamp lover for years and this just curdles my cream.

    Sandusky story is just gut wrenching.

    The EU thing is confusing. If anybody else is confused I found this. Maybe it will help.

    I don't want to sound alarmist, but I have never understood WHY most people, especially black people, are not into preparedness. It's like they're sleepwalking. Like the think the Great Depression can never happen again. I know I am certainly going to be doing a lot more to prepare for the worst. I think that unfortunately preppers have a bad rap as whacked out conspiracy theorists but better than safe than sorry, I say.