Some Of Your Favorite TV Shows Are Getting Branded Wines!

I made a joke on Twitter about Olivia Pope’s drinking habits and indicated the viewers should also be able to partake in a little vino love in between the shrieks and OMGs.


Little did I know another favorite show, Downton Abbey would beat Scandal to the punch with a wine partnership between Dulong Grands Vins de Bordeaux and Wines That Rock to produce a red and white Bordeaux for about $16 per bottle each. I’m very curious about the location in the region as white Bordeauxs tend to be more expensive, unless it’s officially classified as a Bordeaux Blanc. 

You’d be surprised by the amount of branded materials churned out by tv shows like t-shirts, hats, etc., but the key is to not be obvious to an audience that they’re being marketed to. Any memento from a favorite series should be a seamless flow fully integrated – if at all.

Normally, I wouldn’t even think to drink wine while watching Downton (perhaps tea) but this season has certainly encouraged it. No spoilers – I just didn’t want to wait to see it this time. Downton is currently airing in the UK on ITV1 and Season 4 will be broadcast to North American audiences in January 2014. Check online retailers to purchase.